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For any betting enthusiast chances of making a winning prediction are increased by their source of information. This is an observation that was made by Evelyn Balyton of Mightytips when outlining what the company has achieved in the few years it has been in operation. Mightytips, an online portal that provides daily online sports betting predictions and information has been helping bettors to make a sound betting decision.  

The company which started operations two years ago with its first project Serbia Mightytips is now in several regions across the globe. With their other project being Mightytip.ph, the leading online sports betting predictions and review provider is also in Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Hungary, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, the United Kingdom among other countries cutting across regions and continents.


Credible and reliable information 

Some of the information that betting enthusiasts get from the site regards the selection of the right bookmaker; Evelyn Balyton observes that visitors are treated to loads of credible and factual information. “Visitors to mightytips.ph and other pages will find it easy to select the best betting sites in the Philippines and other countries. The site provides the bettors with information that will make it easy to select a bookmaker and make winning bids,” said Evelyn. 

While recognizing that mightytips.ph has transformed the Philippines betting scene, a bettor who has been relying on the site to make predictions on football say that nowadays it is easy to find many sites. 

The availability of several betting sites was hailed as a positive move since it allows the bettors to get quality service but has also been recognized as a source of frustration for some. The fact that one has to select among the many means that there are chances of selecting a site that will later disappoint. To help the betting enthusiasts get the best out of the experience, Mightytips offers a comprehensive analysis of bookmakers. 

Such analysis has been hailed as a gamer changer. One bettor who confessed to making lots of mistakes in the selection of sportsbooks says that he has greatly benefited from such information. “I made mistakes in the past, some very costly. I lost lots of money for selecting unreliable sportsbooks. Ever since I started getting tips and information from Mightytips I cannot regret it,” said a Mightytips.ph user.

Evelyn outlines the qualities that a wager should look for in a bookmaker as they get started in sports betting in the Philippines and other parts of the world. 

  • Site security 

  • Licensing status 

  • Ease of navigation and use friendliness 

  • Promotions and bonuses 

Site security 

Given the nature of betting and its chances of attracting unscrupulous players, bettors are advised to be vigilant. “Betting has become a lucrative business, we have all sorts of players joining and chances of selecting a site which is not genuine are high,” said Evelyn while articulating that site security is paramount. Also, with identity fraud and data breaches being common and increasing day in day out, bettors are advised to ensure that the sites they visit offer encryption technology such as SSL. 

The need for privacy and data protection cannot be overemphasized as players will be making payments as well as receiving money. If a site is not secured there are higher chances of being compromised leading to loss of funds as well as personal data. “You never know what someone may do with your data if they access it. So, it is important to ensure that the site has put in measures that guarantee the security of your data and funds too,” said Evelyn.


License status 

With the requirements of the sportsbook to register in the jurisdiction where they are operating, any bettor needs to ascertain the status when selecting a bookmaker. One, you will be safeguarding your time and resources when you select a licensed bookmaker. Two, you will be saving yourself some agony and disappointment in the future since a fully licensed bookmaker is bound by the regulations in place. 

Also, in some jurisdictions, a bookmaker is supposed to get multiple licenses; ensuring that they have taken the initiative to meet the regulatory requirement gives the bettor confidence that he or she is dealing with a legal entity and a genuine sportsbook. It is also a means of ascertaining whether the bookmaker will play fairly as well as keep the standards that are required in sports betting. With cases of bettors losing their money on the rise, ensuring that the bookmaker is fully licensed is crucial. 

The information on license status can be obtained on the website. And since not all may be in a position to check this information, Mightytips has in their comprehensive analysis and reviews of bookmakers availed the details which can assist to this end. 

Ease of navigation and user-friendliness 

Sites that are hard to navigate should be avoided by all means; these are the words of experts at Mightytips. These sites not only make the visitors' experience bad but also make it hard to place bids and perform all other functions related to wagering activities. It is not only the ease of navigation that is emphasized by MightyTips, they are also urging users to check the user-friendliness of a site, it should be pleasant to view, the fonts should be readable, ought to open without loading for a long time.

Mightytips experts believe that popular sites are those that give the visitors the experience that they are looking for. It is also important to note that not every day that a site may offer the experience that one needs; there might be some external factors at play. For instance, the Mightytips experts talk of poor internet connection; it can lead to slow loading and opening of pages. Bettors are advised to ensure that they have stable internet.

Betting sites that offer free bets and bonuses to newcomers are also considered to be the best as they give a chance to learn the ropes. 

Mightytips experts say they will continue to offer the betting fraternity the support needed to make winning predictions. 

About Mighty Tips 

Mighty Tips is a leading online portal with daily sports predictions and trustworthy, unbiased reviews

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