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Gambling911.com has all your latest news as it pertains to legalized sports betting in Michigan.  First we take a quick look at some of the pros and cons.  The state is yet to pass legislation that would permit operators to offer sports betting in-state, either retail or mobile.  BetOnline is currently accessible from the state for real money betting.

Pros Cons
*Bill passed state House and is currently making its way through the Senate *Governor Gretchen Whitmer is against the bill as currently written citing the potential cannibalization of state's lottery
*Concessions made in an effort to better sell mobile betting *Concessions made to increase taxes on mobile gambling to be paid by operators at 26.25% would reduce quality of product and kill competition

Michigan Gov Signs Off on Sports Betting Bill

(December 22, 2019) - It's official.  In-state sports betting is now legal in Michigan, both online and at retail outlets.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed Friday bills following months of reservation over the amount of tax that should be imposed.

With the governor's signature, Michigan became the second biggest state in the Midwest to legalize sports betting — behind Illinois — and the 20th state to do so in the nation, according to the American Gaming Association.

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Michigan Governor Comes to the Table

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is back at the table for discussions as the Senate is taking up a bill passed by the House that legalizes sports betting and online casino games the state.

Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr. told Legal Sports Report that he spoke with the governor’s office and industry stakeholders this week.

He is working to find a middle ground on how Michigan sports betting would be taxed. The administration holds concerns that mobile gaming and wagering could cannibalize the state’s internet lottery revenue, 25% of which goes to the public school system. A similar worry helped scuttle a Michigan bill passed late last year.

“She has expressed concerns, and I don’t think any of it is beyond fixable,” Hertel said of Gov. Whitmer. “I certainly appreciate her engagement, unlike the last governor who basically didn’t engage and then vetoed the bills anyway.”

Stakeholders agreed to raise the tax rate to 8.75% for tribal casinos and 12% for commercial casinos.  For mobile wagering a tiered tax structure could reach as high as 26.25% for commercial casinos.

The sports betting-only part of the bill would have as detrimental an effect on the state lottery and School Aid Fund.

Legislators could opt to push forward a measure that only includes sports gambling.

Hertel Jr told Legal Sports Report he anticipates movement on the bill some time next month.

If changes are made by the Senate, the bills would return to the House for a vote of concurrence before heading to the governor, Legal Sports Report notes.

“We’re making progress,” Hertel said. “We’re going to make sure these bills get done, signed and that people have access to all this by the beginning of next year. Our goal is certainly to have sports betting before the Super Bowl, not that the Lions will be in it.”

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