McGregor vs. Machine Gun Kelly Fight Odds

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C Costigan
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In case you were busy watching football, the MTV Video Music Awards show went down last night, and it was not devoid of drama.

Fanboy Conor McGregor apparently wanted a picture with Machine Gun Kelly. In case you don't know who or what that is, he's a skinny music dork that somehow dates smokeshow Megan Fox (he probably has a account).

Anyway, McGregor was denied access by MGK's posse and went off the rails. There was some shoving and a drink was thrown.

Of course, that prompted our crack props team to put up odds on a potential boxing match and more. Some fun content for your audience:


Fight Odds

Machine Gun Kelly +2500

Conor McGregor -10000


What will happen first?

MGK apologizes to McGregor -200

McGregor apologizes to MGK +150

McGregor tweets Megan Fox DMed him +400

McGregor takes photo with MGK +500

McGregor and MGK boxing match +1800

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