The 'N' Word Versus How to Say 'Kiss My Ass' in Italian: Some Not Happy With Hawkins Table Antics

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Adrian Lovin Sorin, the Italian-Romanian poker player banned for life from playing in any World Series of Poker American events, apologized for using a racial slur against fellow player Maurice Hawkins this past weekend.

While few argued that Sorin's use of the word "nigger" was irreprehensible, many individuals were quick to point out that Hawkins himself has verbally abused others at the table in the past.

Sorin claims he did not fully understand the offensive nature of using such a word, believing it to only be "a dirty word".

He went on to state that this was in response to Hawkins asking how to say "kiss my ass" in Italian.

Poker pro Doug Polk took issue with those who drew similarities to what both men said.

"I'm kind of unhappy about the response to my vid today for two reasons," Polk said.  "The number of people who don't understand the difference between a white man calling a black man the n word, or a black man saying it.  And How angry some people on the left got for.... I'm not even sure?"

Poker player Chitown4491 agreed with the sentiment surrounding the use of the "N" word but tweetd:

Dude is DEF wrong for using the N-Word but Hawkins is one of the most rotten human beings in the poker world. Constantly berates players and uses his own racist and personal comments towards others .

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com