Kevin Durant's Commitment Impact on the Betting Odds

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Ean Lamb
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Kevin Durant is staying in Brooklyn.  After all of THAT!!!  For the past months, BetOnline has been offering odds on where Kevin Durant will be playing in Week 1.  New teams seemed to be favored every two weeks, pretty much any time Durant caused a ruckus.

BetOnline has quickly adjusted their NBA Championship odds to reflect the news, essentially cutting the Nets' title chances in half.

“We have agreed to move forward with our partnership,” read a Twitter statement from Sean Marks, the Nets’ general manager. “We are focusing on basketball, with one collective goal in mind: build a lasting franchise to bring a championship to Brooklyn.”

The Nets had +1400 odds before Durant committed to playing during the 2022-23 season, but now they are listed at +750.

Additionally, they have set the Nets' victory total at 51.5 games, just behind the Bucks (53), Clippers (52.5), Suns (52.5) and Warriors (52).

2022-23 NBA Championship Odds

Boston Celtics                         5-1

Milwaukee Bucks                    6-1

Golden State Warriors            7-1

Brooklyn Nets                         15-2

Los Angeles Clippers               15-2

Phoenix Suns                          10-1

Los Angeles Lakers                  14-1

Miami Heat                             16-1

Philadelphia 76ers                  16-1

Denver Nuggets                      20-1

Dallas Mavericks                     22-1

Memphis Grizzlies                  25-1

Minnesota Timberwolves       28-1

New Orleans Pelicans             35-1

Toronto Raptors                     40-1

Atlanta Hawks                         50-1

Chicago Bulls                           60-1

New York Knicks                     80-1

Portland Trail Blazers              100-1

Cleveland Cavaliers                 125-1

Sacramento Kings                   150-1

Charlotte Hornets                   200-1

Utah Jazz                                 250-1

Washington Wizards              250-1

Detroit Pistons                        500-1

Indiana Pacers                        500-1

Oklahoma City Thunder          500-1

Orlando Magic                        500-1

San Antonio Spurs                  500-1

Houston Rockets                     1000-1

- Ean Lamb, Gambling911.com

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