Kamala Harris New Favorite to Win Nomination

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Kamala Harris not only got the attention of America last night, she also tugged on the brains of the bookmakers.

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On Friday, SportsBetting.ag posted updated odds for next year's Democratic nominee as well as the 2020 General Election.
There were some notable changes to the odds following the first Democratic Debate. Bookies often adjust odds based on public perception, which is factored into these changes, but they also move odds due to betting action.

This page will continually update with current odds

2020 Democratic Nominee Odds

Kamala Harris  5/2
Joe Biden  4/1
Elizabeth Warren  5/1
Pete Buttigieg  5/1
Bernie Sanders  8/1
Andrew Yang  12/1
Cory Booker  25/1
Julian Castro  25/1
Beto O'Rourke  40/1
Amy Klobuchar  50/1
Kirsten Gillibrand  50/1
Tulsi Gabbard  50/1
Bill de Blasio  100/1
Eric Swalwell  100/1
Jay Inslee  100/1
John Delane  100/1
John Hickenlooper  100/1
Michael Bennet  100/1
Seth Moulton  100/1
Steve Bullock  100/1
Tim Ryan  100/1
Marianne Williamson  200/1


- Kamala Harris dropped from 8/1 to 7/2 following the debates. However, early betting has supported her and moved her to a lower favorite, with current odds of 5/2.

- Joe Biden went from the 7/4 favorite to 4/1, now second on the board.

- Elizabeth Warren saw her odds worsen slightly, going from 4/1 to 5/1.

- Odds for Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg remained the same at 8/1.

- Cory Booker's odds dropped from 33/1 to 25/1.

- Julian Castro's odds dropped from 50/1 to 25/1.

- Beto O'Rourke's odds jumped from 25/1 to 40/1.

- Andrew Yang saw his odds worsen slightly, going from 10/1 to 12/1.

2020 Presidential Election odds

Donald Trump  10/11
Kamala Harris  5/1
Joe Biden  7/1
Elizabeth Warren  8/1
Pete Buttigieg  12/1
Bernie Sanders  18/1
Andrew Yang  28/1
Julian Castro  50/1
Cory Booker  66/1
Beto O'Rourke  80/1
Amy Klobuchar  100/1
Kirsten Gillibrand  100/1
Mike Pence  100/1
Tulsi Gabbard  100/1
Bill de Blasio  150/1
John Delaney  200/1
Eric Swalwell  200/1
Jay Inslee  200/1
John Hickenlooper  200/1
Michael Bennet  200/1
Steve Bullock  200/1
Tim Ryan  200/1
Marianne Williamson  500/1
Seth Moulton  500/1


- Donald Trump saw his odds slightly improve, moving from 1/1 to 10/11, which makes him the "odds-on" favorite.

- Kamala Harris' odds dropped from 18/1 to 5/1.

- Joe Biden went from 4/1 to 7/1.

- Elizabeth Warren saw her odds worsen, going from 5/1 to 8/1.

- Pete Buttigieg odds dropped to 12/1 after being 9/1 prior to the debate.

- Cory Booker's odds dropped from 80/1 to 66/1.

- Julian Castro's odds dropped from 100/1 to 50/1.

- Beto O'Rourke's odds doubled, going from 40/1 to 80/1.

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