Kaepernick Next Team Odds...Bengals on Top

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C Costigan
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TMZ Sports reports that at least ONE team has committed to sending a rep to the Colin Kaepernick private workout on Saturday -- the Miami Dolphins.  But it is the Cincinnati Bengals who the oddsmakers favor taking Kaepernick.

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The site SportsBetting.ag posted a number of prop bets ahead of Week 11 involving NFL stories such as Jeff Bezos, record-breaking moments and the Philly Special, but perhaps the most intriguing is the possible landing spots for Kaepernick.
Some thoughts on the teams and their respective odds are below.
Which team will sign Colin Kaepernick?
Cincinnati Bengals +350
Pittsburgh Steelers +400
Baltimore Ravens +600
Buffalo Bills +700
Oakland Raiders +700
Carolina Panthers +800
Houston Texans +1000
Chicago Bears +1200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1200
Arizona Cardinals +1500
San Francisco 49ers +1600
Indianapolis Colts +2000
Los Angeles Rams +2000
Cleveland Browns +2500
Philadelphia Eagles +3300
New England Patriots +5000
Dallas Cowboys +5000
Bengals - Likely the favorite because they are "Second Chance U." The ownership and team brass has had an affinity for giving "troubled" players a first or second chance. And what better way to keep a winless franchise that recently benched its franchise quarterback relevant in the media (other than tanking for the No. 1 draft pick) than to sign Kaepernick?
Steelers - They're already on their backup QB, and Tomlin/Fichtner could find some creative ways to occasionally use Kaepernick in the offense, which currently lacks explosiveness. Throw some read-option into the playbook to give teams another element to prepare for. But it is doubtful the Rooneys would want to sign him and ignite the media firestorm that would ensue.
Ravens - Why not? He perfectly fits their system and many would argue that Kaepernick is a better player than Robert Griffin III.
Bills - They need any kind of creative help offensively.
Raiders - Kaepernick played college ball for the Nevada Wolf Pack, and the Las Vegas fan base would erupt with him on the field next season.
Panthers - Carolina looks competent with Kyle Allen under center, but if he goes down at any point they could use Kaepernick much like they did Cam Newton.
Texans - Kaepernick has a similar playing style as Deshaun Watson, and Watson is unfortunately always just one missed block away from injury.
Bears - Many would contend that Kaepernick would be a decent upgrade over Mitch Trubisky.
Bucs - See Bears' reasoning above.
49ers - Why not a reunion? Fans would love it, and they'd have a solid backup to Jimmy Garoppolo.

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