Josh Allen Player Prop Bets, Futures: NFL MVP 2021: Tops Bet Count, Tops List

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Tyrone Black
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The top 5 bet counts for BetOnline had Bills starting quarterback Josh Allen seeing the most wagers.  He pays $900 for every $100 bet.


In the Wild Card Round against the Indianapolis Colts, Allen completed 26 of 35 passes for 324 yards, rushed for 54 yards, and had three total touchdowns as the Bills won 27–24 giving the Bills their first playoff win since 1995.  Allen was widely regarded as one of the most improved players of the season.

Top 5 bet counts:

1. Josh Allen +900
2. Matthew Stafford +1100
3. Justin Herbert +1600
4. Lamar Jackson+1400
5. Tom Brady +1400

The Bills pay out $1200 for every $100 bet with a Super Bowl win.

A panel of 11 NFL analysts comprised of the likes of ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck and Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus have ranked Allen as the toughest quarterback in the league.

“Allen, with his physical size, strength and ability as both a runner and thrower, separates himself slightly from the group for me as the one guy who would scare me the most if I had to line up and defend him for a full 60 minutes,” Monday Night Football analyst Louis Riddick wrote.  He is among the 11 analysts.

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