Joe Mixon Total Rushing Yards Super Bowl Prop Bet Payout

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Don Shapiro
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You can bet on the total rushing yards for the Bengals Joe Mixon with odds shown below.


Joe Mixon (CIN) Total Rushing Yards

0-10    +4000 $400 paid on a $10 bet

11-20    +1200 $1200 paid on a $10 bet

21-30    +850 $85 paid on a $10 bet

31-40    +750 $75 paid on a $10 bet

41-50    +600

51-60    +500

61-70    +500

71-80    +600

81-90    +700

91-100    +800

101+    +350

“When we came back this year to bounce back in the way that we did, you can never take moments like these for granted,” Mixon said on heading to the Super Bowl. “I tell our players to play each play like it's your last because you're never guaranteed the next one. I know what that feels like, and I'm here after seeing through the adversity.”

Mixon was averaging 71.3 rushing yards per game this season, which pays $60 on a $10 bet should he continue that trend for the Super Bowl.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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