Is Betway Safe to Play at?

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There are literally dozens of online casinos out there which is not a surprise given that this form of gambling is becoming very popular today. Some of these online casinos are more popular than the others, but even popularity can guarantee a safe gambling experience these days. That’s why more and more people are trying to figure out whether an online casino is safe to play at before they actually place a deposit.

If you are wondering whether Betway is safe to play at, you should keep reading this article because we will provide valuable information that can help you make the right decision. Before we go into details, let us share some basic info about this online casino.

Betway: An Introduction

Betway Casino is actually part of the Betway Group, an international gambling company which also owns online sportsbook, poker, bingo and Vegas sections. The casino was founded back in 2006 and operates under UKGC and Malta Gaming Authority licenses. They also have a wide array of games in their offer and many tempting bonuses that can be used by existing and new players. In the past, Betway has sponsored dozens of primarily UK-based sporting events including horse racing, snooker, darts, tennis and football events.

If we take a look at their history one may think that he (or she) is looking at a hassle-free online casino, but it’s not like that. Namely, there are numerous sources that have suggested that Betway is not a completely safe website.

Should I use Betway? Is it Safe?

First of all, ThePOGG has decided to give Betway a “not recommended status” and it seems that there is more than one good reason for that. Namely, this online casino has received a series of complaints in the last couple of years which suggest that this casino is not as good as it used to be in the past.

For instance, not while ago, a player has shared his short horror story on ThePOGG about his inability to withdraw his earnings – a total of 9.500 GBP were frozen by Betway. He signed up to the casino in November 2017. He got the maximum bonus amount (a deposit of 250 GBP which returned 250 GBP in bonus). The player decided to play the popular online slot called Break Da Bank and managed to win 1500 GBP. The next time when he logged in the money was not there. So, he decided to make another deposit and see how it goes. He lost the deposit and gave another try. This time he deposited 1000 GBP and got 500 GBP in bonus money. He played Break Da Bank again and won 9500 GBP. However, when the player decided to withdraw the money, the management of Betway asked for his scanned ID. After asking for a few more documents, Betway Casino informed the player that his money has been confiscated because he didn’t follow the terms and conditions. As we all know, the software of all modern online casinos are preventing such errors automatically. The guys from Betway didn’t have any explanation about how this could happen on their site. So, even if they are right about the player and his unintentional breaking of the rules, they should’ve stopped that in the beginning.

After finding out about this incident, ThePOGG editors have sent an email requesting an explanation from Betway, but they didn’t receive any reply. This is one of the reasons why ThePOGG removed this casino from their list of recommended casinos.

In addition to this case, there were a few other complaints related to Betway Casino. Most of the players are complaining about Betway’s practice of withholding their winnings without providing any serious reasons for this practice. So, it can take weeks or even months for some players to get a chance to withdraw their earnings. Another player has pointed out that Betway has closed his account without any warning and explanation after he won 3000 GBP. 

It appears that Betway is non-responsive to player complaints which is completely unacceptable. With so many online casinos out there, it would be a bad decision to open an account on a website with so many poor reviews.

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