Senate Trump Impeachment Odds From 0 to 10 Percent and Climbing

Written by:
Gilbert Horowitz
Published on:

Regardless of what you might think of US President Donald Trump, chances are you might want to show your support (with a bet against impeachment) or distain (with a bet for).  The later chances have gone from 0 to 10% when it comes to an actual impeachment going through in the Senate where Republicans hold the majority.

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Then there is the website PredictIt.com, which claims the money coming in on an impeachment was now at 71%.  That is up from 62% just a week ago.

Though our friends at BetOnline do not offer odds on whether Trump gets impeached, they still have the current President a favorite but at longer +140 odds (the payout is $14 for every $10 bet).

That's not too far off from Democrat Elizabeth Warren.  She pays $22.50 for every $10 bet to be elected the next US President.

In an interesting twist, you can also bet on NOT Donald Trump (-180) or NOT Elizabeth Warren (-300).  You would have to risk more than the rewarded payout however.  For example, Warren requires a $30 bet to win $10.  That $30 is refunded just as long as she does not become President.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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