Ilhan Omar, Dan Crenshaw Runaway Favorites to Win Their Districts

Written by:
Gilbert Horowitz
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For those of you not content with simply betting the US Presidential race, there are always regional disticts.

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Minnesota 5th District may be up for grabs, but we already know who the winner is.

Incumbant Ilhan Omar (D), at 1/100 odds, is something greater than a "lock" to retain her seat.

And while another popular Texas Congressperson, Dan Crenshaw (R), is also heavily favored to win.  His odds are down slightly to 1/20.  That's still considered a lock.

Andrew Garbarino of the New York 2nd District appears to be the most vulnerable sitting at 11/10 odds.  His opponent, Jackie Gordon, is a combat veteran who was listed at 11/10 odds.

More Odds....


U.S. House – Minnesota 5th District

Ilhan Omar (D)  1/100

Lacy Johnson (R)  20/1

(Odds imply 99.0% chance Omar will win)


U.S. House – Florida 15th District

Scott Franklin (R)  1/5

Alan Cohn (D)  3/1

(Odds imply 83.3% chance Franklin will win)


U.S. House - New York 2nd District

Andrew Garbarino (R)  2/3

Jackie Gordon (D)  11/10

(Odds imply 60.0% chance Garbarino will win)


U.S. House – Texas 2nd District

Dan Crenshaw (R)  1/20

Sima Ladjevardian (D)  8/1

(Odds imply 95.2% chance Crenshaw will win)



Alabama Senate Race

Tommy Tuberville:  1/12 odds

Doug Jones:  13/2 odds

(Odds imply 92.3% chance Tuberville will win)


Arizona Senate Race

Mark Kelly:  1/5 odds

Martha McSally:  3/1 odds

(Odds imply 83.3% chance Kelly will win)


Colorado Senate Race

John Hickenlooper:  1/9 odds

Cory Gardner:  5/1 odds

(Odds imply 90.0% chance Hickenlooper will win)


Iowa Senate Race

Joni Ernst:  5/7 odds

Theresa Greenfield:  1/1 odds

(Odds imply 58.3% chance Ernst will win)


Kansas Senate Race

Roger Marshall:  1/5 odds

Barbara Bollier:  3/1 odds

(Odds imply 83.3% chance Marshall will win)


Kentucky Senate Race

Mitch McConnell:  1/10 odds

Amy McGrath:  11/2 odds

(Odds imply 90.9% chance McConnell will win)


Maine Senate Race

Sara Gideon:  1/3 odds

Susan Collins:  2/1 odds

(Odds imply 75.0% chance Gideon will win)


Michigan Senate Race

Gary Peters:  1/4 odds

John James:  5/2 odds

(Odds imply 80.0% chance Peters will win)


Montana Senate Race

Steve Daines:  1/2 odds

Steve Bullock:  3/2 odds

(Odds imply 66.7% chance Daines will win)


North Carolina Senate Race

Cal Cunningham:  1/2 odds

Thom Tillis:  3/2 odds

(Odds imply 66.7% chance Cunningham will win)


South Carolina Senate Race

Lindsey Graham:  1/4 odds

Jaime Harrison:  5/2 odds

(Odds imply 80.0% chance Graham will win)

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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