How to Resolve Withdrawal Problems at UK Online Casinos

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UK online casinos not paying out is a common problem. Most British players have probably experienced this at least one time before. But although most players assume it is happening for shady purposes, there are times when it’s done for legitimate reasons. 

Below we’re going to look at some of the most common situations where an online casino is holding your money. We’ll also explain how to troubleshoot these cases. This should help to resolve some of the most common withdrawal problems at UK online casinos. But first, let’s make sure you’re on the right track to start with. 

Make sure to choose a licenced online casino 

Since 2014, it’s been a requirement for online casinos wanting to operate in the UK to have a licence from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Any gambling site that doesn’t have one will not legally be able to offer their games to British players. So the most important starting point is to make sure to choose an online casino with a UK licence. 

The reason why this is so important is because the UKGC offers many player protections. One area where players are protected is when it comes to withdrawals. They have specific rules in place to do with paying out which the casinos must follow. 

Knowing if an online casino has a UK licence isn’t always obvious, but there are a few ways you can find out. One way would be to search the UKGC’s register of gambling businesses. Another way would be to visit a UK online casino comparison site. For example, you can view Casino Professor’s list of UK online casinos with a licence to ensure you choose a legal and legit site. 

Put the correct information when signing up 

All UK online casinos must verify the identity of their players when they sign up. This is done to ensure that no illegal activity is taking place - such as no underage gambling, and no player being able to gamble who has previously self-excluded. 

So the information you provide when signing up must be correct. Make sure to check that there aren’t any typos in the registration form. If there are, this could be the reason why the casino is holding your money because your details don’t check out. 

Of course, some of your information might change - such as your address, email, and phone number. But make sure that your name and date of birth is accurate, otherwise you may struggle to withdraw when the time comes around to do so. 

Choose a casino with fast average payout times 

One key component to the Gambling Commission’s policy is that all withdrawals must be approved before they are processed. The UKGC requires this to try and prevent money laundering, amongst other reasons. 

The time it takes to approve a withdrawal can vary a lot. It can depend on how much you’re withdrawing and whether you’re a new player. But it can also depend on each casino themselves. 

There’s no doubt that some sites approve withdrawals much faster than others on average. This could be because they have more agents in their payments team. Or maybe they have access to better technology. But whatever the reason, it’s generally more beneficial for players to choose a UK casino with fast withdrawal to avoid slower approval times. You may even get access to your winnings the same day when using these sites. 

But a disclaimer before we finish this section: some withdrawals may require extra verification. If this happens then your withdrawal will almost certainly be delayed. This is the case even at fast paying sites. That’s because you will often need to send extra documents to be manually checked, which will take more time.  

You can help to speed this process up by having clear and recent copies of documents like payslips, bank statements, or another form of income. But you will often have to wait a few days at the very least, so keep that in mind before making any complaints. 

Check the wagering requirements/bonus terms 

If you want to activate a bonus then you should always check the terms and conditions before playing. There may be a reason listed in the terms why you cannot withdraw just yet.  

For example, not completing any wagering requirements will stop you from being able to withdraw bonus money from a casino. The wagering requirements are how many times you need to bet a bonus before it is considered real money that can be paid out. The best sites will have a counter which tells you how much more you need to bet before the bonus is converted to real money. If you cannot see this then you can contact customer support so they calculate this for you. 

Whilst using a bonus, pay extra attention to what the terms say you can and cannot do. For example, most bonuses only allow you to bet a certain amount for each spin or round. Usually that’s £5 - but make sure to check as this will be stated in the terms. If you bet over the maximum amount - even if it’s just one spin or round - then the bonus terms will be considered to have been broken. You then won’t be able to withdraw it. 

Another common term is an expiry date. You are often told how much time you have to activate an offer. You may also need to play the bonus (and complete any wagering requirements) within a specific timeframe. If you fail to do this then the bonus may expire and you can lose any winnings. 

One thing to remember is that you can always withdraw any money you deposit into a casino yourself. That’s a stipulation that all UK online casinos must follow, in accordance with the UKGC’s rules. It will mean you forfeit any active bonuses (and any winnings), but you always have the ability to reclaim your own cash. 

Withdrawal refused unfairly? Follow the complaints process  

If your withdrawal has been denied and you think it’s not fair then you can follow the Gambling Commission’s complaints process 

The Gambling Commission does not usually get involved in complaints or disputes themselves. Instead, you might be able to contact what’s called an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider. This is an independent company that considers evidence from both the casino and the player. They then reach a judgement on the matter which is usually considered the final verdict.  

The UKGC requires all British online casinos to have an ADR provider in place. But there are steps you must take first before contacting them. According to the Gambling Commission, this is how you should go about lodging any official complaints: 

  1. Check the casino’s terms and conditions to see if you have grounds to complain 

  1. Contact the casino first to complain about your situation 

  1. Wait for their official response (this can take several weeks) 

  1. If you are not satisfied, you may be able to contact their ADR provider. 

  1. The ADR provider will consider all the evidence before issuing a final verdict 

If you still disagree with the decision, the Gambling Commission outlines steps on how to complain about an ADR provider. This may result in taking action in court so you can consider seeking legal advice. Of course, it’s rare for this to happen and should be considered as an absolute last resort. Hopefully your issue will be resolved a lot earlier.

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