How to Find the Best Bingo Sites

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Nowadays, there is an overwhelming number of different bingo sites, with lots of variations of bingo games available online 24/7 on all digital devices.  It can be very confusing for someone to decide what are the best bingo sites, that not only provide the best entertainment for you but are also safe, legal and reliable. This is why we’ve compiled a list of important criteria to consider when you need to make your decision about where to play bingo.

License and Safety

It is very important to check if the gambling establishment has a license issued by a governmental body, such as The Gambling Commission in the UK, or local gaming operators in the USA. You can check for this type of information in the “About Us” section of the website. This means that the online bingo sites adhere to certain standards and regulations and also is regulated by an external governing body like the Gambling Commission. It also means that the players are protected by gambling and consumer protection laws. Security is another important factor influences your decision. A secure website uses SSL encryption technology, which is also used in online banks, this means that your financial and personal data is secure.

Bonuses and Promotion

When you open a new account on a bingo site you’ll most likely be offered a welcome bonus. There are welcome bonuses that you receive when you make your first deposit, bonus on top of the deposit you make ranging from 50% to 400%, some sites offer ‘no deposit’ bonuses for new players which means you earn bonus cash by opening an account, and free spins on slot games. For existing players, there are on-going promotions on bingo sites like cashback offers, free spins and loyalty points. Based on the ongoing promotions and welcome bonuses different sites offer, you decide where to play.

Bingo Software and Game Selection

Bingo software is the platform that runs a particular bingo website.  The software behind a bingo site affects the entire user experience with the following factors: performance, loading speed, compatibility and selection of games. When you check each factor individually, you’ll see for example if the site is compatible with all of your digital devices, does it have slow loading speed or poor performance in certain bingo games.  Game selection is also an important factor as most users want to play on a website with a wide variety of bingo games. It’s also good to know that when bingo sites are sharing the software provider they belong to the same network hence they will have similar features like the same bingo rooms or promotions.

Customer Support    

Good bingo sites offer 24/7 customer support by knowledgeable, friendly and responsive customer support employees.  You could explore the FAQ section of the site to learn if you can contact them via live chat, telephone or email. Additionally, it’s even better for the player to be able to reach customer service agents and other players on the bingo site’s social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

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