How Do I Deposit Money Onto Monkey Knife Fight to Open Account?

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Aaron Goldstein
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Monkey Knife Fight is the new hybrid prop-focused fantasy site, but how does one fund their account once open?

It's easy!

Visa, Mastercard and bank debit are available. We would caution there are certain card issuing banks that could consider Monkey Knife Fight gambling and, as such, decline your card.  We're not really sure how that policy affects fantasy and prop sites like MKF though.

Be sure to claim whatever bonus you may have seen on the Net, noting that affiliate/ad partners do promote customized bonuses.  As such you will want to mention Gambling911.

Cashing out one can request a check by mail or eCheck via bank or PayPal.

Monkey Knife Fight is a unique online fantasy sports prop hybrid site.  It utilizes a prop game platform, an example of which would be correctly guessing the OVER/UNDER number of passing yards for the two starting quarterback.  Some of these games pay 3X the initial buy-in (stake).  MKF is considered a Daily Fantasy Sports-prop hybrid game/platform.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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