House Edge & RTP of All Forms of Gambling

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Ever wonder what the house edge is for all types of gambling and popular games? Our list might surprise you and if you have ever wanted to know what the odds are then this list will help you understand how it all works.

House Edge of gambling by type

      Casino games: under 1% up to 40% house edge

      Land based slots: 7% to 20% house edge

      Online slots: 2% to 15% house edge with newer releases averaging around 3.5%

      Poker: variable

      Sports Betting: 10% house edge

      Bingo: 50% house edge

      Lottery: 50% house edge

House Edge & RTP Explained

and is the inverse of house edge. So for example a 10% house edge would be a 90% RTP value and a 40% house edge would be a 60% RTP value. Return To PlayerHouse edge is a term used to describe the percentage the house takes off of every wager. RTP stands for

House Edge of Table Games

Table games are very popular but have variable house edges where some games have little change in the odds based on decisions like roulette whereas other games such as blackjack can change depending on strategies used.

Roulette House Edge

and was made by casinos to increase the house edge of the game and lowering the return to player (RTP).roulette house edge and instead opt for European roulette. American roulette has a 0 and a double 00 whereas European roulette has a single 0. This essentially doubles up the do NOT play American rouletteRoulette has a few game variations but the main 2 games are European Roulette and American Roulette. If you happen to be American and love your country,

Online Slots House Edge

Online slots are almost always better to play than land based casinos. When online casinos were getting created in the mid 1990s, most of the games created had a house edge ranging from 2% to 5% which was a far better proposition than land based casinos which had house edges in the 7% to 15% range. One explanation why online casinos made the house edges lower would be to encourage users to keep playing and not lose all their money too fast. In a land based casino, if you lose everything so quickly, you don’t feel like going home whereas online, you are already home and you can easily access the games on your computer.

You can find the slots RTP list see ThePOGG’s list of online slots reviews.

Land Based Slots House Edge

This is where all the casinos make most of their money. Land based slots tend to have high house edges  compared to online slots or table games so you might think a few spins are harmless but it won’t take long before your money is wagered away quickly.

Poker House Edge

Poker either online or live has more or less the same game which is the house usually collects a rake on every hand played. Poker players don’t really talk about poker having any sort of house edge or RTP. Many professionals suggest the game is a skill game rather than a game of chance. With strategies, you can become a profitable player and if you make terrible plays, you can certainly lose your money just as fast as a slot machine. Just that your money might be lost faster to another player than it is to the house.

In general people don’t really talk about poker having a house edge, it is more about what is the rake the house takes. Since Black Friday happened in 2011, the rake rates of online poker have increased substantially forcing some professional poker players to quit poker as their profits have dried up.

Sports Betting House Edge

where every effective house edge simply increases the payout potential but also your risk. Players that use maths analysis and strategies can become profitable players but keep in mind it is easier said than done. Online bookmakers tend to offer better odds and payouts compared to land-based bookies. For players that bet on sports, it tends to make them more interested in the outcome of the game but as well players have to wait for the outcome of that game before they typically wager again. parlaysIf you bet on sports without any strategies at all, then you can assume an average house edge of 10% happens on every bet you make. It is possible to increase this house edge by making combination plays like

Bingo House Edge

The house just sucks a lot of money out of bingo but you never hear of players complaining about it. Bingo is like a lottery where eventually one person is going to win except the jackpots are not too large and the draws happen in rounds so you don’t have to wait for weeks to find out who has won a $100 million jackpot. Most online bingo sites have slot games you can spin while you are waiting for your next game to play.

Lottery House Edge

. Lottery tickets are not wise investments but hey, they call it gambling, not investing. At least lottery tickets can be bought for a few dollars and you can wait for the outcome unlike a slot game where you can constantly wager the same amount and lose more in a faster period of time. payouts can be lower than 50% for playersFor every wager on a lottery ticket, the lottery corporation will pull in about 50% of that money. With charity focused lotteries the

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