Georgia vs. Florida Margin of Victory Betting Prop 2019

Written by:
Ean Lamb
Published on:
Nov/01/2019 has your Margin of Victory pay out odds for Saturday's UGA vs. Florida.

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*Only an email need to open your anonymous betting account
*Payouts often in minutes
*$10 free cash signup bonus with a 1X rollover (bet) requirement
*20% cash signup bonus with just a 5X rollover (bet) requirement

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Florida Win By 01-03 Points 10/1 pays $100 for every $10 bet
Florida Win By 04-06 Points 14/1 pays $140 for every $10 bet
Florida Win By 07-10 Points 11/1
Florida Win By 11-13 Points 16/1
Florida Win By 14-17 Points 18/1
Florida Win By 18-21 Points 27/1
Florida Win By 22 or More 15/1
Georgia Win By 01-03 Points 5/1
Georgia Win By 04-06 Points 8/1
Georgia Win By 07-10 Points 16/1
Georgia Win By 11-13 Points 13/1
Georgia Win By 14-17 Points 8/1
Georgia Win By 18-21 Points 11/
Georgia Win By 22 or More 5/1

- Ean Lamb,

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