Political Odds for Georgia Runoffs, 2024 Election and Republican/Democratic Nominees

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At this point, Donald Trump has a much better chance of getting divorced than winning the election, at least according to the oddsmakers.

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On election night, Trump was as high as -500 (or 1/5) favorite to be reelected, but by the next morning he was a +350 (7/2) underdog.

Election betting has been suspended for now, but the last odds on the board this morning at SportsBetting.ag had Biden as a -2000 favorite and Trump a +1200 underdog.

The same site has a prop bet on whether or not Melania Trump will file for divorce papers before November 2021, and the odds of “YES” are just +250 so the numbers suggest a divorce has a much greater chance of happening than a reelect.

People can also wager on the two U.S. Senate runoffs in Georgia. Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock started out with 50-50 odds, but the bettors are backing the Republican.

Georgia Senate Runoff

Kelly Loeffler  1/2  (-200)

Raphael Warnock  3/2  (+150)


Georgia Senate Runoff

David Perdue  1/4  (-400)

Jon Ossoff  5/2  (+250)


Finally, below you will find odds for the 2024 Presidential Election, as well as the Democratic and Republican nominee odds.

2024 Presidential Election Odds


Kamala Harris 5/1

Mike Pence     8/1

Nikki Haley      8/1

Andrew Yang  12/1

Joe Biden        12/1

Pete Buttigieg 14/1

Michelle Obama         16/1

Bernie Sanders            20/1

Beto O'Rourke 20/1

Stacey Abrams 20/1

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez       25/1

Andrew Cuomo           25/1

Tim Scott         25/1

Elizabeth Warren        28/1

Donald Trump Sr.        33/1

John Kasich     33/1

Mark Cuban    33/1

Ted Cruz          33/1

Michael Bloomberg    35/1

Amy Klobuchar           40/1

Cory Booker    40/1

Gretchen Whitmer     40/1

Josh Hawley    40/1

Dan Crenshaw 50/1

Deval Patrick   50/1

Sherrod Brown           50/1

Tom Cotton     50/1

Tulsi Gabbard  50/1

Kanye West     50/1

Donald Trump Jr.        66/1

Jon Stewart     66/1

Paul Ryan        66/1

Val Demmings 66/1

Kristi Noem     66/1

Hillary Clinton 80/1

Michael Bennet          80/1

Candace Owens          100/1

Meghan Markle          100/1

Mitt Romney   100/1

Ron DeSantis   125/1

Condoleezza Rice        150/1

Eric Garcetti    150/1

Eric Holder      150/1

Gavin Newsom            150/1

Howard Schultz           150/1

Jamie Dimon   150/1

Jared Kushner 150/1

Julian Castro   150/1

Kirsten Gillibrand        150/1

Mike Pompeo 150/1

Rand Paul        150/1

Tammy Baldwin          150/1

Tammy Duckworth     150/1

Tom Steyer     150/1

Charlie Baker  200/1

George P. Bush           200/1

Greg Abbott    200/1

Jeff Flake         200/1

Joe Kennedy III            200/1

Lindsey Graham          200/1

Tommy Tuberville       200/1

Kayleigh McEnany      250/1



Democratic Nominee


Kamala Harris 5/2

Joe Biden        7/1

Andrew Yang  8/1

Pete Buttigieg 9/1

Beto O'Rourke 10/1

Bernie Sanders            12/1

Michelle Obama         12/1

Stacey Abrams 12/1

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez       14/1

Andrew Cuomo           16/1

Elisabeth Warren        18/1

Mark Cuban    20/1

Michael Bloomberg    20/1

Amy Klobuchar           25/1

Cory Booker    25/1

Gretchen Whitmer     25/1

Deval Patrick   33/1

Sherrod Brown           33/1

Tulsi Gabbard  40/1

Val Demmings 40/1

Hillary Clinton 50/1

Michael Bennet          60/1

Kirsten Gillibrand        100/1

Tammy Baldwin          100/1

Tammy Duckworth     100/1



Republican Nominee


Mike Pence     7/2

Nikki Haley      7/2

John Kasich     8/1

Josh Hawley    8/1

Ted Cruz          8/1

Donald Trump Sr.        10/1

Tim Scott         12/1

Tom Cotton     12/1

Dan Crenshaw 14/1

Donald Trump Jr.        16/1

Paul Ryan        20/1

Kristi Noem     25/1

Candace Owens          33/1

Mitt Romney   33/1

Jared Kushner 40/1

Rand Paul        40/1

Ron DeSantis   40/1

Condoleezza Rice        50/1

Mike Pompeo 50/1

Lindsey Graham          60/1

Jeff Flake         66/1

Tommy Tuberville       66/1

Charlie Baker  75/1

Greg Abbott    75/1

George P. Bush           80/1

Kayleigh McEnany      100/1

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