Georgia Still Has Lower CFP Odds Than Seven Undefeated Teams

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Mary Montgomery
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Despite Georgia's home loss to South Carolina as a 21-point favorite, the Bulldogs still have better CFP odds than seven undefeated teams, including two from the Big Ten.

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SportsBetting.ag sent out updated College Football Playoff odds Sunday, and after the loss Georgia went from 7-1 to 12-1, but that number is still sixth-lowest among the 24 teams on the betting board.

Last week, early CFP spreads were released and Georgia was an 8.5-point underdog against Alabama, +4.5 versus Clemson and +2 against Ohio State.
LSU's odds moved from 7-1 to 10-2 while Florida dropped to 50-1 after being 30-1 last week. 
In a pivotal matchup this week, Penn State opened as an 8-point favorite over Michigan.
College Football Playoff  
Alabama 5-2
Clemson 5-2
Ohio State 5-1
LSU 10-2
Oklahoma 6-1
Georgia 12-1
Wisconsin 16-1
Penn State 25-1
Auburn 40-1
Michigan 40-1
Notre Dame 40-1
Utah 40-1
Florida 50-1
Oregon 50-1
Baylor 66-1
Texas A&M 80-1
Arizona State 150-1
Boise State 150-1
Minnesota 150-1
Texas 150-1
Iowa 250-1
SMU 250-1
Washington 250-1
Oklahoma State 500-1
Appalachian State 1000-1

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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