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The Los Angeles Dodgers are playing their most inspired baseball in a very long time. This team may be better than the 1998 Yankees! They have certainly put all of the same tools in one basket as that great team led by Joe Torre and company.  


Truist Park, Cumberland, GA 

6:07 PM TBS 

Scherzer Vs. Fried 

Braves +110, Dodgers -147, O/U 8 

The Atlanta Braves struck gold when it comes to home team delegations. The Dodgers certainly have the better record with 106 wins to the Braves 88, but at the end of the day, the Dodgers failed to win the West. Division winners hold the trump card. Home or away, this is baseball, not football. The home field advantage means more in the World Series than in the championship series, simply because of the DH.  

The Braves have been resting while the Dodgers have been busy traveling and coming down from an emotional game five in San Francisco. Max Scherzer was used in game five and for some, this is a concern. We say no. He’s Max Scherzer, he will be ready. He’s healthy, and his game fives appearance will only help.  

The Dodgers are hitting .239 as a team in this year’s playoffs, with 5 homers, 21 runs, and a 1.87 ERA. The Braves are hitting .234, with 4 homers, 12 runs, and a 1.54 ERA.  

Revenge means nothing in baseball; don’t believe that… ask the Yankees and the Red Sox. This kind of hype is exactly what you shouldn’t be listening to when thinking of betting the game. Most sharp MLB bettors will tell you that focus win over revenge. Pitching and hitting win over anything. MLB organizations either put together a team that has the ability to compete year in and year out, or they don’t. We are NOT saying that it’s easy to put together a winning team. What we are saying is that baseball is not football. 

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Football rivalries mean so much more than in baseball. Take Michigan vs Ohio State, or Notre Dame vs USC, the Steelers vs Bengals… you get the picture. Baseball is all about execution and preparedness. The team is either prepared or they are simply not. We say that both teams come into this series highly prepared and mentally aware. The Braves have the physical edge, the Dodgers have the mental edge.  

This series will be fun, and certainly competitive. The Braves have earned the right to be here and they will not be an easy opponent to beat. The Dodgers have been here before, and they know exactly what to expect.  

Scherzer is probable, and our best guess, says he absolutely goes. He is a gamer and he will show up in a big way for this game. Fried is also a gamer and it’s a guarantee that he will show up. This one should be a pitching duel and a low scoring affair.  

No matter who you like in this one, be sure to find an offshore sports bookie that offers sharp baseball lines and a great MLB bonus. There is a lot of baseball left and a lot of money to be made. Jump in, have fun, call the bookie, and good luck. 

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