Gambling911 Sees Traffic Numbers Double With Winter Olympics

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Tony Caliente
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Since the start of the Winter Olympics can reveal that its traffic numbers have doubled each day, quadrupling during the Super Bowl weekend.


"What we are seeing mostly is the Winter Olympics filling a void that is usually the late night hours and early morrning time frame," noted Senior Editor Payton O'Brien, referring to the time difference between Beijing and the USA Eastern Standard Time priod.  "Do not believe anyone who says these Winter Olympics have not been popular.  Our traffic numbers say otherwise."

The most inquiries for odds and wagering were for the following events thus far:

1. The Men's Freeski Big Air Final in Freestyle Skiing

2. The Women's 1500m Speed Skating

3. The Men's Slopestyle Final Snowboarding

"There has been no one single discipline dominating," remarked Senior Sports Reporter Don Shapiro.  "And both the Women's and Men's events have been equally as popular."

All of this has culminated into what will likely become one of the most trafficked months at G911 since before the pandemic.

The Champions League also takes place the remainder of this month.

And looming in March we have the monster UFC 272 bout - Covington vs. Masvidal - along with the NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament, also referred to as March Madness. 

The Winter Olympics conclude 1:30 am Sunday on the US East Coast with just over a dozen top events beginning Saturday morning, all of which can be bet on with our friends at BetUS.

- Tony Caliente,

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