Gambling and Sports Betting News Wire - June 23 2019

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Here are today's headlines in the world of gambling and sports betting as they happen - Sunday June 23, 2019.  (for the remainder of this month ONLY)

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Fox Bet Coming to PA Soon

The Stars Group has spent the past nine months as part of the New Jersey sports betting industry. Its BetStars’ brand has helped the Resorts Atlantic City license amass $54.2 million in revenue since launching in September.

However, that brand will not carry over to Pennsylvania. Moreover, it will not remain in New Jersey.

Last month, the Stars Group announced a partnership with Fox Sports with the aim to roll out free-play and real-money betting apps across the US market under the brand name Fox Bet.

The real-money app, Fox Bet CEO Robin Chhabra confirmed at the time, will replace BetStars in New Jersey and will become the Stars Group’s flagship brand in Pennsylvania.  Read More Here

New York Post: MLB Sellouts With Wrigley Field Kiosk Betting

10:30 am ET - Phil Mushnick of the New York Post has essentially called Major League Baseball out as sellouts for the league's desire to start taking bets on games from kiosks strategically placed at Wrigley Field after years of disparaging remarks against sports gambling (not to mention, for years, they have condemned Pete Rose for betting on games).

He poses the following potential scenarios:

One can already envision Wrigley’s biggest gamblers — biggest losers — being comped the best seats like big bangers treated to the best seats to Wayne Newton concerts in Vegas. Will there be a “free” buffet for those who most often bet/lose the most? Sure, why not?

Will Wrigley remain open after Cubs’ games to take West Coast action on all sports?

Mushnick adds:

Rob Manfred, who, on behalf of the team owners who enrich and empower him, claims kids are MLB’s most important investment and future clients, has allowed — invited — bad-odds gambling to infest baseball.

Illinois recently opened the floodgates by legalizing sports betting and permitting the activity in arenas, stadiums and ballparks.

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Sports Betting Has Been Big Business for States

Sports Betting Has Been Big Business for States

The numbers don't lie.  Since a handful of states legalized sports betting over the past two years, the take has been staggering.

"Tony Meatballs" and Others Indicted for Sports Betting, Heroin Distribution, More

"Tony Meatballs" and Others Indicted for Sports Betting, Heroin Distribution, More

More than a dozen alleged mobsters have been charged as part of a sweeping federal indictment unsealed on Monday including one 72-year-old named Anthony “Tony Meatballs’’ Gifoli.

Atlantic City Casino Earnings Fall 37% Amid Pandemic Limits

Atlantic City Casino Earnings Fall 37% Amid Pandemic Limits

Atlantic City’s casinos saw their collective profits fall by more than 37% in the third quarter of this year as they reopened with capacity limits and costly measures designed to stem the coronavirus pandemic.

The Rise of Virtual Esports Betting in 2020

The Rise of Virtual Esports Betting in 2020

At the beginning of 2020, the sports betting industry found itself in a position they’ve never experienced before. Out of a sudden, all sports events were cancelled, without any predicatble future insight.

GLI Insights on How to Navigate Future of Gaming at Betting on Sports America

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI®) will host a roundtable at next month’s Betting on Sports America - Digital that will focus on the industry’s evolving product and service offerings.