Find Prop Bets: Jaylen Brown Total Points vs. Warriors - 2022 NBA Finals

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Ean Lamb
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Prop bets for the Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown open at Over/Under 24.5 points for Game 1 of the 2022 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.  Additional prop bets for Jaylen Brown include total assists, rebounds, turnovers and 3-point field goals made.


Brown has been averaging 23.5 points.  He has been playing especially well versus the Warriors, averaging 17.1 points over seven career games against Golden State.  His most recent game he scored 26 points.

Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown was a rookie when he first played against Golden State and that team's star Stephen Curry on March 8, 2017.  Curry faked Brown out of his shoes to drill a 3-pointer at the buzzer, then proceeded to taunt him.  Brown finished with just three points in that game before going on a nice run leading up to this Finals.

Other Jaylen Brown prop bets for Game 1 (with only minor changes likely during the series) include the following:

Jaylen Brown (BOS) Total Points+Rebounds+Assists

Over  34½  Pts+Rebs+Assists-110

Under  34½  Pts+Rebs+Assists-120

Jaylen Brown (BOS) Total Points+Assists

Over  27½  Points+Assists-115

Under  27½  Points+Assists-115

Jaylen Brown (BOS) Total Points+Rebounds

Over  31½  Points+Rebounds-110

Under  31½  Points+Rebounds-120

Jaylen Brown (BOS) Total Rebounds+Assists

Over  9½  Rebounds+Assists-125

Under  9½  Rebounds+Assists-105

Jaylen Brown (BOS) Total Points

Over  24½  Points-115

Under  24½  Points-115

Jaylen Brown (BOS) Total Assists

Over  2½  Assists-165

Under  2½  Assists+135

Jaylen Brown (BOS) Total Rebounds

Over  6½  Rebounds-120

Under  6½  Rebounds-110

Jaylen Brown (BOS) Total Made 3 Point Field Goals

Over  2½  3pt FGs-135

Under  2½  3pt FGs+105

Jaylen Brown (BOS) Total Turnovers

Over  2½  Turnovers-120

Under  2½  Turnovers-110

All prop bets can be found at BetUS here.

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