Top 3 Tools to Use to Manage Final Four Action

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The NCAA Men’s College Basketball Final Four has been set with Texas Tech, Michigan State, Auburn, and Virginia battling it out for college hoops glory.

For pay per head agents, this Saturday through Monday could be one of the most lucrative of the year. Plenty of action will be wagered on the two Final Four Semifinals as well as the College Basketball National Championship.

There’s also money to be made on Final Four Championship Futures, over/under total betting in all three games, and any cross-promoted parlays bookie agents offer.

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3 Pay Per Head Tools to Use for Final Four Profit

All of that action above requires agents to use pay per head tools. Check out three tools that bookie agents should use to manage Final Four betting action.

1. Must use the Layoff Account in both games and the National Championship

Here are the current odds on both of Saturday’s Final Four Semifinals:

  • Texas Tech+3, -115O 132 ½, -110
  • Michigan State-3, -105U 132 ½, -110



In many instances, agents with sports betting knowledge can handicap games and determine which are suitable for the layoff account and which aren’t.

When it comes to the Final Four, agents probably shouldn’t worry so much about which games they wish to use the layoff account for and which they don’t.

The Final Four is the end result of a tournament that started with 64 individual college basketball teams. It makes no sense to not use the layoff account once the tournament goes down to only four teams.

2. Set Max Betting limits on all moneyline and future wagers via the Mass Editing Tool

The pay per head tools agents should use is the mass editing tool. The mass editing tool allows agents to easily set max betting limits on all players. By using the mass editing tool to set max betting limits on all players, online bookie agents can ensure that they don’t take a massive hit in their sportsbooks.

This includes using the mass editing tool for National Championship Future wagers.

Right now, the Auburn Tigers offer +750 odds to win the title. To get to the Final Four, Auburn had to beat three of the most historical teams in college basketball history:

  • North Carolina

The Tigers have a real shot to win the championship at massive odds. Without max betting limits, agents could be on the hook for huge payouts.

3. The Override Tool

In addition to using the layoff account, per head agents should also consider using the schedule limit override tool. This traditional pay per head tool allows agents to set a schedule limit override on sporting events.

If agents want to cool down possible steam generated on Texas Tech versus Michigan State, they can do so by setting a schedule limit override on the game.

If they wish to encourage wagering on Texas Tech versus Michigan State, they can set an override on Auburn versus Virginia so that the only Final Four Semifinal game on which players can wager is Texas Tech versus Michigan State.

If they want their players to only concentrate on the Final Four Semifinals, they can set an override on both NBA contests on Saturday, Brooklyn at Milwaukee and Philadelphia at Chicago.

Pay per head agents can strategically use the schedule limit override tool to reach their goals.  

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