Fight Betting Beat - June 23, 2021

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Mary Montgomery
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We got all your hot boxing and MMA/UFC stories and some odds for Wednesday June 23, 2021.  All odds courtesy of BetOnline, which offers a generous welcome bonus (max bonus $1000).


Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua on Tyson Fury: 'Unfortunately his team let boxing world down' after collapse of undisputed title fight

Anthony Joshua Sky News exclusive: "Oleksandr Usyk doesn't determine the Tyson Fury fight. The Fury fight has to happen. It's a big fight, bigger than boxing, bigger than the belts. It will happen. After the Usyk fight, after I defend my belts.

"Usyk isn't the be-all and end-all.  "Usyk doesn't determine the Fury fight. The Fury fight has to happen. It's a big fight, bigger than boxing, bigger than the belts.

"It will happen. After the Usyk fight, after I defend my belts.

"The fight will be bigger, better than what it would have been."

A court arbitration in the US ruled that Fury must fight Deontay Wilder causing the collapse of the dream all-British match-up against Joshua.

Fury and Wilder will clash on July 24 in Las Vegas.  Fury is a -270 favorite to win.


Conor McGregor 

Conor McGregor photo has a concerning detail weeks before Dustin Poirier fight

The UFC fighter’s Instagram post on Monday became the topic of conversation for more than just his shark skin suit. In the photo, the 32-year-old McGregor was sporting a black left eye.

It’s unknown how the world’s richest athlete got the shiner, but fans assumed in the comments that it was from sparring.

Stephen Thompson: Conor McGregor has to move 'like a karate guy' to beat Dustin Poirier

Stephen Thompson thinks Conor McGregor has to adjust his striking style if he wants to avenge his loss to Dustin Poirier.  This fight will take place July 10 and is the third of a trilogy.

“I think the person that has to do more changing of the fighters is definitely Conor,” Thompson told Submission Radio. “I mean, Dustin Poirier has been fighting pretty much the same way for the longest time. He’s got great boxing, good timing, he’s tough as nails, he likes to sit in the pocket, and he’s intelligent. I think he (Conor) kind of lost something in his last fight. I think it was all the boxing that he was doing. He doesn’t have that movement anymore that you normally saw. Like when he fought Jose Aldo, it was the movement that won him that fight. And he was kind of standing there in front of Dustin Poirier, and he took a lot of low calf kicks, and that’s what settled it, sealed the deal.

“So, he’s got to get back into moving like a karate guy. He’s got to get back into getting on his bike, using that in-and-out movement, switching sides, playing that game if he’s going to go out there and beat him again. Because he can draw out Dustin Poirier’s strikes with his movement. And him being such a good counter puncher, (he) can counter off of that. So out of the two, Conor’s got to get back to that. So, don’t know how hard that is and how long he’s been doing the boxing stuff, but he’s got to get out of that and get back to his movement. If he can do that, Conor can win.”

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Odds on Crawford vs. Madrimov Fight

BetOnline was expected to release odds on the newly announced Terence Crawford vs. Israil Madrimov fight, scheduled for August 2 in Los Angeles.  Crawford is likely to be a big favorite.