Economic Odds for Dow, Oil, Gas and Ukraine Joining the EU

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C Costigan
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Due to the war raging between Russia and the Ukraine, economies worldwide have endured a massive impact.

Projecting what the U.S. economy will look like in 60 days is difficult, but one bookmaker has taken a shot at forecasting the future., which specializes in political and global odds, has put up four prop bets surrounding the slumping economy.

Dow Jones, gas and oil are economic options to wager on, and the two political props involve Ukraine joining the European Union sometime in the next two years.


Dow Jones price on April 30 at market close

Over 32,500 points

Under 32,500 points


Gallon of gas dollar average in U.S. on April 30

Over 4 USD

Under 4 USD


Oil price (per barrel) on April 30 at market close

Over 117 USD

Under 117 USD


Will Ukraine join the European Union by the end of 2022?

Yes +300

No -500


Will Ukraine join the European Union by the end of 2023?

Yes +100

No -140

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