Early Fortnite World Cup 2019 Best Bets

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Alistair Prescott
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Cizlucky and Brush were among the dark horses to excel in this year's Fortnite World Cup, an event that has become the most trafficked in the world of eSports for the Gambling911.com website. Cizlucky and Brush winning pays US$675 on a US$100 bet.

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Cizlucky and Brush were set to go Saturday afternoon with Dextero predicting:

After placing fourth in the Scallywag Cup back in March, they secured their spot at the World Cup during week four of the qualifiers, narrowly missing out on first place in the stacked NA East region.

The pair have been teaming with Team Liquid’s Ryan ‘Chap’ Chaplo in recent trios events and the duo should place well if their usual chemistry shines through on the main stage.

Tschinken and Stompy were favorites at +665 for a payout potential of US$665 for every US$100 bet.  They had dropped to 5/1 at some books.

Benjifishy and MrSavageM had the second shortest odds (+836) followed by Mongraal and Mitr0 (between 9/1 and 10/1 depending on the book).

volx and Parpy are yet another of the dark horse duos that could step things up. They would pay close to US$700.

If they manage to deal with the step up in competition, they have a great chance of winning some serious prize money, Marcus Banks of Dexerto suggests.

These were your duo odds to win coming in with odds updated reguarly

Sat 27/07 Fortnite - World Cup
10.00     Winner - Duos
Tschinken/Stompy     +665
Benjifishy/MrSavageM     +836
Mongraal/Mitr0     +954
Megga/Dubs     +921
Saf/Zayt     +1091
Clix/Sceptic     +1177
Sean/Aydan     +1177
Funk/Nate Hill     +521
Ceice/Elevate     +1347
Airwaks/Nikof     +1431
ZexRow/Vinny1x     +1517
Arkhram/Falconer     +1687
Hunter/Kinstaar     +580
Nyhrox/aqua     +1687
Little/Jay     +2112
Fwexy/letw1k3     +2112
Crue/Chapix     +2112
Lanjok/Punisher     +2792
Mexe/Skram     +2792
EpikWhale/4DRStorm     +3389
Skite/Vato     +3389
Klusia/Th0masHD     +3389
pfzin/Nicks     +3389
7ssk7/Jamside     +3389
XXM/Xmende     +4239
Ronaldo/XXiF     +4239
Leno/Barl     +4239
Twizz/CoverH     +5090
Wolfiez/Royo     +5600
Slackes/Keys     +5600
K1nG/xOwN     +5600
RoATDW/BlooTea     +5600
KBB/YuWang     +5600
Calculator/MackWood     +4239
4zr/Noward     +6791
RedRush/znappy     +6791
volx/Parpy     +6791
itemm/Derox     +6791
Vorwenn/Tuckz     +6791
CizLucky/Brush     +6791
LeNain/Tyler15     +5600
Deadra/M11Z     +8493
crimz/Spadess     +8493
Tetchra/Eclipsae     +8493
wisheydp/Gustavox8     +8493
Serpennt/Hype     +8493
Lnuef/Quinten     +8493
Oslo/BadSniper     +10620
bell/Scarlet     +10620
Uniq/Flame     +10620

- Alistair Prescott, Gambling911.com

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