Draftkings 'Inadvertently' Cancels WNBA Contests: Players Fuming

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Some customers of Draftkings have taken to Twitter over the past 24 hours to express their disgust with the daily fantasy sports provider's decision to cancel three WNBA contests on Saturday (June 8).

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Draftkings tweeted out:

Today’s WNBA slate was inadvertently canceled. All entry fees were refunded for these contests. We understand this is a poor experience, and as a token of appreciation to our players, all users affected by this will be emailed a link to an exclusive WNBA free roll.

Tre @thechek182 tweeted:

Hopefully this isn't a new standard ... "whoops our bad" incoming for CFL week 1 lol

Blande @DfsBlande tweeted:

WTH! @DraftKings @DK_Assist How do you cancel an entire slate less than an hour before lock? All the time and energy spent researching this #WNBA all down the drain. This is unprofessional!

David Tejeras @davidtejeras tweets:

without any notice SMH I'm about to switch to @FanDuel

Then there was this from Wnba Dfs @wnba_dfs:

Overlay is only reason they cant dodge thst technical issues would effect more then one slate. It's super unprofessional not following a made commitment.

texan0322 @texan0322 tweeted:

They have an interesting definition of the word 'guaranteed" lol

Tom Berriman tweeted:

Very frustrating since i had the winning lineup

CLA935 offered this suggestion:

The problem with the dk free roll tournaments isn't just that it's less than the potential overlay, but it's a single ticket whether if you had 150 $5 gpp entries or 1 $5 50/50. They should match the entries and the contest type for MORE than the potential overlay.

In addition to the increased popularity in DFS WNBA, there has been a surge in betting on the WNBA this season, perhaps in light of the US Supreme Court decision to legalize sports betting last year.  Nearly a dozen states have amended their own laws to allow wagering on sports in the past twelve months.  A few WNBA teams have showed up among the top five consensus plays on some days.

Saturday's cancellation had one sports bettor concerned this behavior might expand to future games.

"What's next?  Do they cancel all bets on Game 5 of the Warriors-Raptors game because Kevin Durant ends up playing?" the gambler asked Gambling911.com ahead of Sunday night's NBA Finals game. 

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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