DraftKings Prior Voided Bets Decisions Come Back to Bite Company in the A**

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C Costigan
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Sure those who had the UNDER on New York Knicks Jalen Brunson prop bets Sunday night were happy campers.  Most others were not.


In case you missed it, here is how things went down in a nutshell:

Brunson sustained an injury less than a minute into Sunday night's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

FanDuel, to its credit, was quick to acknowledge right away the concerns OVER bettors might have.

"Hi! We hate seeing Jalen Brunson get hurt. However, please know that all bets stand once a player takes the court irrespective of game time played. Unfortunately, since he took part in the game, wagers on him will stand. Please DM us if you have any questions!"

Needless-to-say, whether right or wrong, OVER gamblers were not thrilled by that decision and lashed out via Twitter.

"Fuck FanDuel @FanDuel @FDSportsbook @FanDuel_Support I guarantee almost every other sportsbook will or already has voided Brunson bets tonight."

Some had, some had not.  Rules vary across the board.

But what angry sports bettors pointed out was the inconsistency with DraftKings having voided similar bets in the past.  We would note that DraftKings received plenty of flack from the gambling public and fellow operators for doing so.

Redditor u/dmbsoccer illustrated the inconsistencies:

Do you remember other voided bets?

"Jalen Brunson went down :37 seconds into the game without registering any stats. Obviously the rules say he played it counts buttttt they’ve definitely voided bets before.

"Aaron Rodger’s, Deebo Samuel, draymond starting just for klays return…

"Any others?? Thought for sure they’d void this. He’s the reason I missed a 13 leg +2000 parlay, but before some of you type “it’s the rules”, I’m aware and don’t care that I lost. I’m just curious when they choose to void vs not."

carinislumpyhead97 provided an explanation as to perceived past inconsistencies while offering up what could be some useful advise. 

"They void bets when something similar to this happened while there is a nationwide promo…. This is a part of gambling, switch to unders and you will never have to worry about it again."

As for the status of Jalen Brunson, the Knicks star was diagnosed with knee contusion and x-rays were negative for anything serious.  He is expected to be back on the court in a matter of days.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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