DraftKings Pulls Out All The Stops in Final Petition Push....Offers Free Cash Enticement?

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C Costigan
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DraftKings is not hiding the fact that they want to enter the Florida market.  While ads pushing a sports betting petition airing on television in the Sunshine State do not mention the company, DraftKings is now promoting the campaign via Twitter with their name all over it.


And they are now offering money to those who sign the petition.  That doesn't seem entirely kosher. 

Pay-per-signatures are banned in the state of Florida.  In 2019, the Florida Legislature passed and the governor signed House Bill 5, which banned paying petitioners based on the number of signatures collected (pay-per-signature), among other provisions related to statewide initiative and referendum. 

It's not immediately known if paying folks directly for their signatures is illegal.  Furthermore, the ad is misleading in that it appears to offer Florida residents a reward of $100 only if enough signatures are gathered that could lead to sports betting legalization in the Sunshine State.  That's not a given even if the ballot initiative appears.

Even some of those wanting DraftKings in Florida questioned the tactic.

Florida voters must approve any type of gambling expansion, including mobile sports wagering.

The Florida Seminoles have their own ads running.  They warn residents not to sign the petitions.  That tribe wants to maintain its near gambling monopoly. 

891,589 verified signatures are required to get on the Florida ballot in 2022.  The deadline is February 1.

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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