Dodgers and Astros Odds-On Favorites for Pennants in 2019

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Phil Simon
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With one week left in the season, anyone who wants to wager on the Astros or Dodgers to win their respective leagues must pay a premium.

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On Monday, updated its World Series odds, as well as the AL and NL odds.
For the only division race still alive, the Brewers are a 14-1 underdog to steal the NL Central from St. Louis, which has 1-25 odds.
World Series odds  
Houston Astros 2-1
Los Angeles Dodgers 3-1
New York Yankees 9-2
Atlanta Braves 7-1
St. Louis Cardinals 10-1
Minnesota Twins 14-1
Washington Nationals 20-1
Milwaukee Brewers 20-1
Oakland Athletics 20-1
Cleveland Indians 25-1
Tampa Bay Rays 25-1
Chicago Cubs 66-1
New York Mets 66-1
Philadelphia Phillies 150-1
Arizona Diamondbacks 250-1
AL Pennant odds  
Houston Astros 4-5
New York Yankees 5-2
Minnesota Twins 8-1
Oakland Athletics 12-1
Cleveland Indians 14-1
Tampa Bay Rays 14-1
NL Pennant odds  
Los Angeles Dodgers 10-11
Atlanta Braves 7-2
St. Louis Cardinals 5-1
Washington Nationals 10-1
Milwaukee Brewers 10-1
Chicago Cubs 25-1
New York Mets 25-1
Philadelphia Phillies 66-1
Arizona Diamondbacks 100-1

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