DeSantis Twitter Spaces: Bet What He Says During Opening Speech

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Ron DeSantis is expected to announce his bid for the 2024 Presidential Election Wednesday evening (May 24) on Twitter Spaces.


The Spaces will be hosted by Twitter owner Elon Musk, and many are speculating how this will all go down and what will be said since it's a first in the world of political and social media.

BetOnline oddsmakers have created some interesting bets around the event, including what might be said by DeSantis during his opening remarks.

Additionally, there are also DeSantis odds for the 2024 Election, a Donald Trump endorsement, the Iowa Caucus and the GOP nomination, which can also find below.

What will Ron DeSantis say during opening speech on Twitter Spaces?

Biden               -5000

God                  -5000

Casey               -2500

Leadership        -250

Wash./D.C.       -250

Woke               -150

Elon                 +150

Congress          +200

Trump              +200

Jesus                +300

Disney              +400

Debt Ceiling      +500

Ukraine            +600

Allies                +700

Abortion           +1400  


Will Ron DeSantis win the Republican nomination?

Yes       +200

No        -300


Will Ron DeSantis win the 2024 Iowa Republican caucus?

Yes       +150

No        -200


Will Ron DeSantis win the 2024 Presidential Election?

Yes       +400

No        -700


Will Ron DeSantis endorse Donald Trump for president before April 2024?

Yes       +200

No        -300

- BetOnline Press

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