DeSantis, Noem and Trump 2024 Odds Slashed Following CPAC

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C Costigan
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Some Republicans are calling for a DeSantis-Noem ticket in 2024.


Others would like to see their self-proclaimed leader, Donald Trump, grab another GOP nomination.

Following the CPAC this weekend, which saw Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem perform well in the straw votes, 2024 Election odds were shook up.

SportsBetting.ag dropped DeSantis’ 2024 Republican nominee odds to 5/1 after being 14/1 just two weeks ago. His Presidential odds went from 25/1 to 12/1.

Noem’s GOP nominee odds plummeted from 69/1 to 40/1, and her Presidential odds moved down to 18/1.

Trump remains the party leader in terms of the betting, however, as his Republican nominee odds were 6/1 and are currently 3/1. Trump moved ahead of Mike Pence and Nikki Haley, who were listed at 2/1 and 5/1, respectively, two weeks ago.

Trump’s Presidential odds went from 12/1 on February 16 to 7/1 currently.

Election odds are SportsBetting.ag and can be found Here

2024 Republican Nominee

Donald Trump Sr.        3/1

Nikki Haley      5/1

Ron DeSantis   5/1

Mike Pence     6/1

Ted Cruz          18/1

Kristi Noem     18/1

Candace Owens          20/1

John Kasich     20/1

Josh Hawley    20/1

Donald Trump Jr.        20/1

Mike Pompeo 25/1

Tom Cotton     25/1

Charlie Baker  33/1

Dan Crenshaw 33/1

Mitt Romney   40/1

Condoleezza Rice        40/1

Tim Scott         40/1

Jared Kushner 40/1

Chris Christie   50/1

Greg Abbott    50/1

George P. Bush           50/1

Paul Ryan        50/1

Jeff Flake         66/1

Lindsey Graham          66/1

Rand Paul        66/1

Kayleigh McEnany      66/1

Tommy Tuberville       75/1


2024 Presidential Election

Kamala Harris 4/1

Joe Biden        9/2

Donald Trump Sr.        7/1

Ron DeSantis   12/1

Nikki Haley      12/1

Mike Pence     14/1

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez       25/1

Michelle Obama         33/1

Kristi Noem     40/1

Candace Owens          40/1

Ted Cruz          40/1

Donald Trump Jr.        40/1

Josh Hawley    40/1

Pete Buttigieg 40/1

Tom Cotton     50/1

Cory Booker    50/1

Andrew Yang  50/1

Elizabeth Warren        50/1

Mike Pompeo 50/1

John Kasich     50/1

Amy Klobuchar           66/1

Beto O'Rourke 66/1

Charlie Baker  66/1

Dan Crenshaw 66/1

Mark Cuban    66/1

Sherrod Brown           66/1

Val Demmings 66/1

Michael Bennet          75/1

Stacey Abrams 75/1

Bernie Sanders            80/1

Deval Patrick   80/1

Tulsi Gabbard  80/1

Condoleezza Rice        80/1

Gavin Newsom            80/1

Mitt Romney   80/1

Gretchen Whitmer     80/1

Joe Kennedy III            80/1

Michael Bloomberg    80/1

Tammy Baldwin          80/1

Tammy Duckworth     80/1

Tim Scott         80/1

Chris Christie   100/1

Greg Abbott    100/1

Hillary Clinton 100/1

Jared Kushner 100/1

Jeff Flake         100/1

Jon Stewart     100/1

Kanye West     100/1

Kirsten Gillibrand        100/1

Lindsey Graham          100/1

Paul Ryan        100/1

Tommy Tuberville       100/1

Eric Holder      125/1

George P. Bush           125/1

Jamie Dimon   125/1

Meghan Markle          125/1

Andrew Cuomo           150/1

Kayleigh McEnany      150/1

Rand Paul        150/1

Tom Steyer     150/1

Eric Garcetti    200/1

Howard Schultz           200/1

Julian Castro   200/1

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