Covid Crashes the Party for Some WSOP Entrants

Written by:
Nagesh Rath
Published on:

A number of poker players are reporting having to sit out World Series of Poker events due to positive Covid tests, record bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth among them. 


Mike Gorodinsky, whose won just over $3.5 million on the live poker tournament circuit, revealed his positive Covid result.  He claims that a number of individuals taking part in the Dealer's Choice (believed to be Event #10) have come down with it.

In fact a few of Gorodinsky's followers noted that they too had tested positive for Covid.

The variation, which is believed to be primarily Omicron, is said to be extremely contagious, albiet less lethal.   Most of those who have tested positive while participating in the WSOP are reporting mild symptoms.

While we here at are no doctors, might we recommend sitting out if you have flu like symptoms and waiting for a negative test or two (whatever the current protocol is) before returning to play.  These practices should be adhered to whether it is Covid, the flu, monkeypox or a minor cold.  Why would you want to get your fellow poker players sick if you know you're sick?

Hellmuth is a defending champ in one of the tournaments set to begin on Monday but likely won't be playing as he once again tested positive for Covid on Saturday.

Some good news arrived on the pandemic front for those players entering the US from abroad looking to participate in this year's WSOP as the Biden Administration announced it would no longer be requiring Covid testing to enter the country effective Sunday June 12.

- Nagesh Rath,