The Covid Health Risks for Sports Fans (BetOnline Fandemic)

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Mary Montgomery
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Major League Baseball kicks off Thursday July 23 with games played both at home and on the road.  Only the poor Blue Jays it appears are without a home as Toronto won't let them back into Canada with the current surge in coronavirus cases in the USA.

The NBA, MLS and NHL will take place in bubble environments.  The later league will play in two Canadian hubs.

Sportsbooks the likes of BetOnline are drooling over the idea that sports have returned following a more than four month hiatus due to the global pandemic.

But what are the health risks

BetOnline sponsors the hit sports program Fandemic. 

Former Major League Baseball second baseman Harold Reynolds and former NFL running back Eddie George discuss the health risks associated with Covid when it comes to allowing fans in the stadiums, arenas and ball parks.  Some teams have already said they will permit fans at limited capacity.

"If you want to get through the season, it is going to have to be without fans," Reynolds insisted.  "You can't risk a fan coming down and shaking someone's hand."

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