Covid Casino, Nevada Cases Triple But Less Severe

Written by:
Aaron Goldstein
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San Diego County Public Health officials said Wednesday they are working with tribal lands to investigate positive COVID-19 cases that may be connected to several local casinos.

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Sycuan Casino confirmed to NBC 7 that they were one of several casinos working with the county to investigate cases of COVID-19, calling it standard protocol.

"Recently, contact tracing indicates that potentially four customers unrelated to each other who tested positive may have visited Sycuan within the county's time frame. As a result and as good community partners, we’re doing all we can to support the county in their investigation," Chief Administrative Officer Adam Day said, in part, in a statement to NBC 7.

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Officials said Wednesday that the rate of new coronavirus virus cases reported each day in Nevada is nearly three times higher than a month ago.

In the seven days leading up to Tuesday, reports of new cases were growing about 3.9%, or 644 new cases, every day. The rate at the end of May was 1.4%, or 116 a day, according to Caleb Cage, COVID-19 response director for the state government.

Hospitalizations have also been increasing since May 31, around the time Nevada starting easing restrictions on businesses. Cage said that while Nevada is seeing more patients hospitalized with the virus, it’s not seeing an increase in patients in the ICU or on ventilators, meaning cases are less severe.

“It is clear we are seeing an increase in cases and wearing masks and social distancing are more important now than ever,” Cage said.

Gov. Steve Sisolak last week ordered people to wear face masks in public. On Monday, the Democrat said Nevada would keep current limits on social distancing and businesses in place through the end of July due to the uptick in cases.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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