Commission Magazine Launches Issue 2 Featuring SEO by Craig Campbell

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Issue 2 of Commission Magazine has launched and the features articles ranging from productivity, interviews with entrepreneurs, search engine optimization (SEO), online poker, adult industry, and on non-fungible tokens (NFT). The theme of Issue 2 is on productivity and getting things done (GTD). Many of the articles touch up on this topic which is something that freelancers and entrepreneurs have to deal with.

Featured Articles in Issue 2
●    Getting Things Done and Productivity by Dan Ray
●    The Dark Side of SEO by Craig Campbell
●    Events & Magazine Creator with Pierre Lindh
●    How to Create & Launch a Magazine by John Wright
●    Adult Industry & Online Marketing with Andy Wullmer
●    Online Poker vs Live Poker with Robbie Strazynski
●    Non-Fungible Tokens by Dan Kelly
●    Business Coaching with Lee-Ann Johnstone

The Dark Side of SEO by Craig Campbell
In this candid interview, Craig Campbell answers a wide range of questions related to SEO. Craig’s main focus as an SEO is he trains others to become SEO consultants and even has courses on setting up your own SEO agency. Given his experience, he shares some stories of clients from hell that many SEO consultants will surely resonate with. Craig openly talks about some of the sketchiest black hat SEO techniques he has seen.
Guide on Creating a Magazine by John Wright
The editor and co-founder of Commission Magazine, John Wright, gives a detailed article and guide on how to create & launch a magazine. Having produced a few digital magazines, he shares his insights on everything he has learned including a section of resources on making magazines. If making a magazine was ever something you have considered, you’ll want to pick up this guide.

Productivity & Getting Things done by Dan Ray
Dan Ray is an online course creator teaching people a very niche SEO skillset and a valuable one: how to build white hat links. In Dan’s experience he has coached many people as he has an SEO group with thousands of followers. He provides an insight on productivity which is the theme of Issue 2.
About Commission Magazine
Commission Magazine is a new digital magazine that was launched in 2019. The focus of the magazine is around affiliate marketing and touches on other aspects of online marketing, business and entrepreneurship. This magazine covers a range of topics from inspirational stories from people launching their own business, to case studies and educational guides to help you learn something new to apply to your business.
Get featured in the magazine
If you have a story you want to share or to be featured in the magazine, you can email If you simply have a question that you want answered, ask us and we’ll feature it either on the Commission Magazine website and it might just end up in the next issue.

The magazine is free to read and you can also download it. Visit to get the latest issue. 

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