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Although seemingly not as prestigious as the NFL, college football is one of the favorite betting competitions for US punters. The reasons why are clear to everyone, as the midweek action and countless betting sites markets offer a perfect appetizer for the main course during the weekend. The sad truth is that despite the fact that punters place millions of dollars in wagers on NCAA football every week, most are devoid of a clear college football betting strategy. After all, what you should be wondering is not what are the best college football betting lines for tonight, but how to make money betting on college football. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best systems and strategies.

Pay attention to stats

If we asked which sport you think you could predict the outcome more easily based on the stats you would probably answer basketball, right? Well actually, that’s wrong. Football is the correct answer you are seeking and the best way to bet on college football is by studying really hard at the statistics. Don’t just take our word for that. Take a look at the following statistics. For example, the team that wins the turnover battle wins the match 73 percent of the time. Let’s see another example. Scoring conversion  – if a team can still put points on the board despite fewer scoring opportunities – they’ll win the match 72 percent of the time. Still not convinced? The team who wins the battle for field position wins the match 72 percent of the time. Of course, there are many more examples. So if you are planning to try your luck on online college football betting, all you need to do is find a trustworthy statistics website and follow the data.

Don’t back on the road favorites

Contrary to the NFL, NCAA football pays no heed to favorites especially if they are playing away from home. For example you might expect that a talented team like Iowa State would have no issues playing away from the Jack Trice, however, their 2018 season proved everyone wrong. You always have to keep in mind that we are talking about young wannabe superstars. College boys that do not have the mental and physical capacity of professional athletes. This means that they are not used the tough on the road conditions of boos and jeerings not to mention the tiredness from travelling. This is especially when one team has played more than one away game on a row. Travelling and playing every two days or so isn’t the easiest thing to do for professional athletes, imagine the toll it takes to youngsters.

A “hostile” crowd could turn what you might think as a college football best bet to waste. This means that one of the very best college football strategies is to never underestimate the power of the host. The only thing to worry about is the handicap. If you know how the teams perform or have some inside info go for it. In case you don’t, seek the advice from a tipster that you trust. 

Avoid match winner bets between offensive teams

This is also a must. Instead, focus on where the over/under moneyline stands. Football is extremely volatile and even a slight turnover can cost the match. If two teams enjoy playing an all-out attacking game and being careless in defence, then it’s better to pick a high scoring line instead of treating the teams as a favorite and an underdog. This strategy is among the best NCAA football betting system that you can find. Don’t get emotional and back a team just because you think they will win. In sports betting the best strategy is a winning strategy. By backing the over line when two offensive teams meet you are picking a sure college football betting strategy.

Bet against public money

Let’s face it, most of the public bets as fans and simply for recreational means. They will back their favorite teams and get carried away from the hype of cable networks and sportscasters. There aren’t a whole lotta things you can be sure in life, but following the crowd and letting emotion dictate how to bet on college football is surely one of the worst options. Instead, the way you can profit from betting against the public money is this:

      Find some early lines on a match you expect to get a lot of action

      Wait for the public to start betting

      Wait for the Vegas traders to start adjusting the odds

      Back the Vegas traders’ original prediction close to the kick off with the now valued odds

Although it may seem like a cheap way to predict the outcome of a match, remember that you are basically following the pros’ intuition, against all the public money out there. It’s always to put your ego aside and get some free college football betting advice from the actual moneymakers.

Gone with the wind

We will wrap our college betting guide with this last piece of advice. What weather condition would you say impacts total goals the most? If you are thinking about rain or snow, think again. As soon as the wind picks up a pace of at least 10MPH, the total goals ratio starts to falls sharply. If you are about to wager on college football over/under lines, then you should know that a weather forecast is another weapon in your arsenal. This means that if you can get an accurate weather estimation of how strong the wind blows then you can start backing the under moneyline. Whenever you are seeking tips for betting on college football make sure that your tipster cover every aspect of the game, including the weather conditions of the match.

- Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor

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