Cincinnati Bearcats Office Pool Strategy, Pick, Odds - 2019 March Madness

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When making your March Madness office pool picks, consider the teams carefully.  The Cincinnati Bearcats, for example, are looking to have home court advantage throughout much of the tournament provided they can continue to advance.  Their odds of winning the Championship pay $90 for every $10 bet.


Why They Go Deep

Cincinnati has home court advantage playing a little under two hours away in Columbus and likely will make it to the 2nd round where they would have to face off against number one two Tennessee.  That home court advantage might not be enough to get the Bearcats past Tennessee, the later of which would likely be listed at -3.  If they can somehow advance into the Sweet 16, Cincinnati continues to have home court advantage with Louisville even closer than Columbus.

In addition to ranking No. 2 nationally in defensive efficiency, behind only Virginia, this Bearcats team has four players averaging in double figures.  Those are some dangerous ingredients. 

Why Be Concerned

The Bearcats score only 30 percent of their points from 3s and play at one of the 35 slowest tempos in college basketball. If Cincinnati gets behind, it lacks the quick scoring punch to make up a deficit.  This is good to know when betting in-play

Who They Will Play

Iowa and probably Tennessee.

Odds to win 2019 NCAA Men's Tournament (4/8/19)
Team Odds
Duke 9/4
Gonzaga 5/1
North Carolina 6/1
Virginia 6/1
Kentucky 14/1
Michigan State 14/1
Tennessee 16/1
Michigan 20/1
Texas Tech 25/1
Purdue 28/1
Houston 30/1
Florida State 35/1
Auburn 45/1
Iowa State 45/1
LSU 50/1
Villanova 55/1
Kansas 60/1
Kansas State 65/1
Marquette 65/1
Nevada 65/1
Virginia Tech 75/1
Buffalo 85/1
Louisville 85/1
Syracuse 85/1
Cincinnati 90/1
Oregon 100/1
Wisconsin 100/1
Wofford 150/1
Florida 200/1
Iowa 200/1
Mississippi State 225/1
Maryland 250/1
Central Florida 300/1
Murray State 300/1
New Mexico State 300/1
Seton Hall 300/1
Minnesota 500/1
Oklahoma 500/1
Ole Miss 500/1
Utah State 500/1
VCU 500/1
Washington 500/1
Arizona State 1000/1
Baylor 1000/1
Belmont 1000/1
Georgia State 1000/1
Liberty 1000/1
Montana 1000/1
Northeastern 1000/1
Northern Kentucky 1000/1
Ohio State 1000/1
Old Dominion 1000/1
St. John's 1000/1
Saint Louis 1000/1
St. Mary's (CA) 1000/1
Temple 1000/1
UC Irvine 1000/1
Yale 1000/1
Colgate 2000/1
Iona 2000/1
Vermont 2000/1
Abilene Christian 5000/1
Bradley 5000/1
Fairleigh Dickinson 5000/1
Gardner-Webb 5000/1
North Dakota State 5000/1
Prairie View A&M 5000/1
North Carolina Central 9999/1

- Don Shapiro,

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