Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints Week 7 Betting Odds, Prop Bets

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Tyrone Black
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The New Orleans Saints are a -6.5 to -8 favorite hosting Carolina in this critical NFC South game.  Americas Bookie offers a generous welcome bonus (max bonus $1500)

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Joe Brady's coaching career took off after his tenure with the New Orleans Saints. Teddy Bridgewater revived his career during his time with the Saints.

Now Brady and Bridgewater are key pieces to the 3-3 Carolina Panthers' rebuilding effort as they visit New Orleans (3-2) on Sunday.

Brady was an offensive assistant under Sean Payton for two seasons before becoming passing game coordinator at LSU a year ago and transforming the Tigers' offense as they rolled to the CFP championship.

Bridgewater proved his recovery from a devastating leg injury suffered with the Vikings in 2016 was complete as he helped lead the Saints to a 5-0 record while Drew Brees was sidelined by injury last season.

Now Brady is the Panthers' offensive coordinator and Bridgewater is his starting quarterback.

First-year head coach Matt Rhule said the overlap that Brady and Bridgewater had in New Orleans in 2018 was "a game-changer" in the absence of any offseason program this summer because of COVID-19.

"We've been playing football for just two months or two and a half months," Rhule said. "Had it been someone new, the language, all that stuff would have been really hard. They were able to sit in a room and a lot of the language was similar, some of it being new and different.

"Joe's put his own twist on a lot of things obviously, but it's the same basic premise, same overall philosophy and I think it really has helped us."

Rhule praised Bridgewater's "global understanding of football."

"He's unbelievably smart football wise, does a great job of understanding what we're trying to get done, explaining it to others, having his own take on what we should get done," Rhule said. "I think because of that he helps people play better, guys follow him and I think that's because he's a tremendous leader."

The Saints, who are a half-game behind first-place Tampa Bay in their quest for a fourth consecutive NFC South title, are hopeful that All-Pro wide receiver Michael Thomas will play for the first time since injuring an ankle in the season opener.

Thomas was limited in practice Wednesday, but his absence from the Saints' last game -- a 30-27 overtime victory against the Chargers on Oct. 12 -- was for disciplinary reasons. The Saints had their bye last week, giving Thomas' ankle more time to heal.

"I think he's feeling better," Payton said.

The Saints will allow 3,000 fans into the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for the game. There were no spectators for the opener and the last two home games have featured a maximum of 750 guests of the team.

"It's an important game," Payton said. "It's a division game. You really can't control when your bye week is. We had ours and we handled a few things that we wanted to address."

New Orleans won its last two games before the bye, but had to overcome a 14-0 deficit to beat Detroit 35-29 and twice trailed the Chargers by 10 points before rallying.

The Saints used the bye week to work on more complete performances.

"At the end of the day, it's being the most efficient, most productive offense we can be," Brees said. "In the running game, you can look at it as yards per carry, as short-yardage conversions, you can look at it any number of ways, but at the end of the day, are we sustaining drives? Do we have balance? Are we efficient? Are we avoiding negative plays and constantly getting positive plays? Are we scoring touchdowns and taking care of the football?

"So you really just try to simplify and look at it like that. When there are opportunities for big plays, are we making them? Otherwise, are we doing all the little things right to sustain drives and put points on the board."

For the Saints, starting tackle Terron Armstead (hand) did not practice Wednesday.

For the Panthers, starters CB Donte Jackson (toe), defensive tackle Zach Kerr (toe) and guard John Miller (ankle) were limited.

--Field Level Media

Panthers @ Saints Sun, Oct 25, 2020 EST

Rot Teddy Bridgewater (CAR) Total Completions Moneyline
701 Over  25½  Completions -115
702 Under  25½  Completions -115
Must Start
Rot Teddy Bridgewater (CAR) Total Passing Yards Moneyline
703 Over  280½  Passing Yards -115
704 Under  280½  Passing Yards -115
Must Start
Rot First Scoring Play Moneyline
1007 Panthers TD     +280
1008 Panthers FG     +260
1009 Panthers Any Other Score     +5000
1010 Saints TD     +150
1011 Saints FG     +305
1012 Saints Any Other Score     +5000
Rot Will there be a Defensive or Special Teams TD Moneyline
1013 Yes     +225
1014 No     -300
Rot Total TDs in the Game Moneyline
1015 Over  5½  TDs -115
1016 Under  5½  TDs -115
Rot Total FGs Scored in the Game Moneyline
1017 Over  3½  FGs -115
1018 Under  3½  FGs -115
Rot Shortest TD in the Game Moneyline
1021 Over  1½  Yards -110
1022 Under  1½  Yards -120
Rot Longest FG Scored in the Game Moneyline
1023 Over  47½  Yards -120
1024 Under  47½  Yards -110
If there is no FG attempted and or made, the Under will count as a winner.
Rot A Team to Score 3 Unanswered Times Moneyline
1025 Yes     -250
1026 No     +200
Rot Team To Score Longest TD Moneyline
1027 Panthers     +155
1028 Saints     -185
Rot Team To Score Longest FG Moneyline
1029 Panthers     -120
1030 Saints     -110
Rot Team Scoring 1st Wins Game Moneyline
1031 Yes     -170
1032 No     +140
Rot Team to Call 1st Timeout Moneyline
1033 Panthers     -115
1034 Saints     -115
Rot Double Result Moneyline
1035 Panthers/Panthers     +375
1036 Panthers/Tie     +3500
1037 Panthers/Saints     +475
1038 Tie/Panthers     +2300
1039 Tie/Tie     +4500
1040 Tie/Saints     +1300
1041 Saints/Panthers     +900
1042 Saints/Tie     +3500
1043 Saints/Saints     -150
1st Half Result / End of Regulation Result. Overtime not included.
Rot Race To 10 Points Moneyline
1044 Panthers     +140
1045 Saints     -230
1046 Neither     +9000
Rot Will the Game go to Overtime Moneyline
1047 Yes     +1000
1048 No     -3000
Rot Highest Scoring Half Moneyline
1049 1st Half     -125
1050 2nd Half     -115
1051 Tie     +1800
OT Not Included
Rot Highest Scoring Quarter Moneyline
1052 1st Quarter     +450
1053 2nd Quarter     +165
1054 3rd Quarter     +450
1055 4th Quarter     +200
1056 Tie     +800
Rot Winning Margin Moneyline
1057 Panthers to win by 1-3 pts     +1150
1058 Panthers to win by 4-6 pts     +1700
1059 Panthers to win by 7-10 pts     +1350
1060 Panthers to win by 11-13 pts     +2800
1061 Panthers to win by 14-17 pts     +2100
1062 Panthers to win by 18-21 pts     +2800
1063 Panthers to win by 22 or more pts     +1700
1064 Saints to win by 1-3 pts     +450
1065 Saints to win by 4-6 pts     +675
1066 Saints to win by 7-10 pts     +450
1067 Saints to win by 11-13 pts     +1100
1068 Saints to win by 14-17 pts     +700
1069 Saints to win by 18-21 pts     +900
1070 Saints to win by 22 or more pts     +350
Rot Total Points Scored Moneyline
1071 00-14 Points     +9000
1072 15-21 Points     +2800
1073 22-28 Points     +1200
1074 29-35 Points     +650
1075 36-42 Points     +425
1076 43-49 Points     +350
1077 50-56 Points     +375
1078 57-63 Points     +450
1079 64-70 Points     +625
1080 71-77 Points     +1000
1081 78 or More Points     +900
Rot 1st Half Total TDs Scored Moneyline
1082 Over  2½  TDs -155
1083 Under  2½  TDs +125
Rot 1st Half Total FGs Scored Moneyline
1084 Over  1½  FGs -115
1085 Under  1½  FGs -115
Rot Score in Last 2 min of the 1st Half Moneyline
1086 Yes     -330
1087 No     +240

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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