Cards Fall to Sixth in SB Odds and More QB Benchings

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C Costigan
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Following their first loss of the season, the Cardinals flipped spots with the team that took them out Thursday night, Green Bay.

Going into the game, SportsBetting.ag had the Cardinals at 9-1 for their Super Bowl odds while the Packers were listed at 10-1.

The Bucs and Bills remain atop the Super Bowl LVI board, but you can see the full list below.

Additionally, after Sam Darnold was benched last week, as well as some other very poor performances under center around the league, some are speculating who will be the next quarterback benched (non-injury related and below players must start in Week 8).

Next Quarterback Benched

Davis Mills +125

Teddy Bridgewater +400

Jalen Hurts +450

Justin Fields +500

Jared Goff +550

Sam Darnold +600

Taylor Heinecke +900

Jameis Winston +1200

Ben Roethlisberger +2000

Carson Wentz +2500


Super Bowl LVI


Tampa Bay Buccaneers           5-1

Buffalo Bills                             5-1

Dallas Cowboys                       9-1

Green Bay Packers                  9-1

Los Angeles Rams                   9-1

Arizona Cardinals                    10-1

Baltimore Ravens                    12-1

Kansas City Chiefs                   12-1

Tennessee Titans                    16-1

Los Angeles Chargers              20-1

Cleveland Browns                   24-1

Cincinnati Bengals                  40-1

Las Vegas Raiders                   40-1

New Orleans Saints                 40-1

Minnesota Vikings                  60-1

Indianapolis Colts                   66-1

New England Patriots             66-1

San Francisco 49ers                70-1

Pittsburgh Steelers                 100-1

Carolina Panthers                   150-1

Denver Broncos                      150-1

Seattle Seahawks                    150-1

Atlanta Falcons                       200-1

Chicago Bears                         200-1

Philadelphia Eagles                 200-1

Washington Football Team    250-1

Miami Dolphins                      500-1

New York Giants                     500-1

Jacksonville Jaguars                2000-1

Detroit Lions                           3000-1

Houston Texans                      3000-1

New York Jets                         3000-1

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