Can't Bet Rutgers Basketball Games Online From New Jersey

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Tyrone Black
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While New Jersey's mobile sports betting market is mostly a dream come true for recreational gamblers in the Garden State, there are a few glaring holes.  Up until recently, the inability to bet on Seton Hall games during the College Basketball season had the potential to draw folks to long established offshore books.  The situation has only worsened for College Basketball bettors this season.  Seton Hall is an even better team than in years past, owning an 11-4 record as this was going to press January 10.  But here is the absolute shocker: The Rutgers Scarlet Knights Basketball program is on fire so far this season.

In fact, their 12-3 record is better than that of New Jersey's famed Pirates.

When the state legislators opted to prohibit those placing bets in New Jersey from wagering on games that featured in-state colleges, few considered this a major barrier in terms of competition with the offshore books.  After all, New Jersey is no Alabama or Mississippi or even Indiana when it comes to college sports fanatics.  Sure Rutgers College Football does have a national title (from all the way back in 1989), but the current program was among the worst this past season.  They were actually the biggest underdog in College Football history (versus Ohio State).

Seton Hall, on the other hand, has enjoyed more extended periods of success. Its College Basketball program has made it into the first round of the Men's NCAA Tournament over the past four years, advancing to the second round in 2018. Seton Hall is a small Catholic college known primarily for its Basketball team.

Then there is Rutgers University, the biggest in the state but a national punchline when it comes to sports.

Rutgers has only appeared in six NCAA Tournaments in school history.  Their last appearance was back in 1991, nearly 30 years ago!

The Scarlet Knights just beat a nationally-ranked team: Penn State.  The final score was 71-62.  Did we mention they also beat Seton Hall?

Rutgers is tied for second in the Big Ten League.

John Gasaway of ESPN.com writes:

There's a solid chance that this team emerges from an exceptionally deep Big Ten this season with a conference record of .500 or even above. This is uncharted territory for the Scarlet Knights, for the Big Ten, and, yes, for anyone under the age of 29.

Rutgers is also ranking in the Top 25 in the NET Rankings.

While most offshore books claim not to take bets from those in New Jersey, where there's a will, there's a way.  It's like using a proxy on the Internet to overcome blocked websites.  Jazz Sports in San Jose, Costa Rica, this season started offering the option to open an anonymous betting account with just a valid email address through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.  The customer in this case is a virtual wallet parked somewhere in cyberspace and perhaps tied to someone living in or visiting the state of New Jersey.  Because Bitcoin uses anonymous addresses via the blockchain, tracing transactions to a particular individual is not impossible, but only under circumstances where said individual is under some type of probe.  Even then it's the operator that may come under the wrath of New Jersey's gaming regulators, not the average Joe Blow placing bets from his Piscataway home.

To be clear, Gambling911.com betting partners operating offshore have been urged not to take bets from those living in New Jersey.  Most - including BetOnline and Bookmaker - will not process credit cards or wires from anyone with a New Jersey address. 

FanDuel and Draftkings as the state's top licensed sportsbook operators must abide by the regulatory framework: No taking bets on games that feature New Jersey colleges or college games played in the Garden State.

Dare we say it, if either school goes on to win the Championship or even make it into the Sweet Sixteen, we could see calls to amend current egislation to include betting on state schools. 

There is an argument to be had that having the ability to place bets on NJ college teams with offshore books will only help fuel an interest in placing wagers on all other things, but with in-state licensed books.  For example, the sudden succces of the Rutgers Basketball program might be what finally triggers someone on the fence to finally place that wager (i.e. Rutgers alumni still residing in the state).  Rutgers main campus has nearly seven times the student body of Seton Hall (67.5K compared to 10.3K).

Some offshore books were offering Rutgers at +20000 to win the NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship in 2020, meaning a $100 bet would pay out $20,000.  Considering the Scarlet Knights current record, we suspect there would be plenty of takers.

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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