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Tyrone Black
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While is accessible from the state of Tennessee, endorsed sportsbooks like Americas Bookie are also accessible from the state.

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Coming Soon: In-State Online Sportsbooks

Gov. Bill Lee allowed a Tennessee sports betting bill to become law without his signature.  It's still not clear when online sports betting will launch in the Volunteer State, however, individuals will only be able to place bets via mobile devices or through their laptops.

“The fact that it would be online only or mobile only would be further attractive to especially the younger consumer, because everyone is on their phone now anyway,” said Cody Havard, an associate professor of sport commerce at the University of Memphis.

“I understand the appeal of walking into a casino or walking into a (sportsbook) to place a bet, but I don’t know if that is as important to younger consumers.”

Offshore sportsbooks will continue to be accessible from the state and, in order to be more competitive, will likely offer better lines, more generous signup bonuses, an extensive list of prop bets and enhanced in-play betting options that the in-state sportsbooks cannot offer due to provisions in the law.  The leagues will have a hand in determining the types of bets tha can be offered with in-play wagering with the Tennessee licensed-sportsbooks.  College player and team props will not be permitted.

Tennessee will collect a 20% tax of a sports betting operator’s adjusted gross income.

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