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The Sunshine State is All About College Football

The Bleacher Report recently ranked FSU among the top 25 fan bases.    

The 'Noles have, easily, some of the best traditions in college football.

Try arguing this point with one of their fans, and you will come to see my point.

Besides this, the 'Noles deserve some kudos for  having fans that know how to have a good time, while still keeping things family friendly.

The "Downtown GetDown" has a little something for everybody, and the fans seem to be a little more courteous to others than some of their SEC or Big Ten brethren.

Here's to you, FSU fans, for showing the rest of the country you can be passionate without being an idiot.

And the Gators:

If one can get past all the "jorts", Florida fans are really pretty regular people.

They make "The Swamp" pretty uncomfortable for the opposition on a routine basis, however.

Some of the fans have been known to do the "Gator Chomp" until their arms fall off, but that rumor is yet unconfirmed.

The stadium has been sold out since 1979, and the way it is designed lend itself to a perfect blend of raucous crowd noise to drown out opposing teams'  play-callers.

The way these people sit through the humidity, acting like angry lunatics, is enough to make one believe that Gator fans really are the most insane fan-base in the country.

But the NFL played center stage the Tampa Bay Bucs winning the Super Bowl in February 2021 and looking to repeat in 2022.

The Miami Heat opened the 2021-22 red hot as well.

- Mary Montgomery,

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