Can I Bet on NFL Games Online From Ohio?

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While the US Supreme Court has now made sports betting legal in the Unite States, Ohio residents may not be able to bet the NFL in 2019. For now, a few dozen of internationally licensed sportsbooks will accept wagers on this year's NFL Draft, futures and weekly matchups.

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On July 12, 2018, a group of five Ohio state senators formally introduced a bill to "express the intent of the General Assembly to develop and enact legislation legalizing sports wagering." The one-page bill lacks specifics, but is a placeholder of sorts for Ohio to consider full-scale legislation at a later date.

From LegalSportsReport:

Bipartisan bill authors John Eklund and Sean O’Brien didn’t include such an integrity fee when introducing their long-awaited S 111.

“Give me an operational definition of integrity fee,” Eklund told Legal Sports Report. “There’s any number of ways leagues might be able to participate in this exercise. If it’s simply a matter of we put on these contests and so we deserve to be paid for you allowing betting to go on with these games, I can’t get my mind around that.”

Eklund expressed more of a willingness to hear out the leagues on official data.

“I’m given to understand that many of them have a robust statistical gathering process that they use for their contests, and perhaps there’s a place for that information to be a part of whatever the sports gaming evolves into in Ohio,” Eklund said.

The legislative session in Ohio extends into December, so there is plenty of time to get stuff done.

Needless-to-say, gamblers from Ohio will need to rely on international websites to place all their NFL bets

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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