Ayre Offers His Online Gambling, Crypto Predictions for 2021 as Bitcoin Price Skyrockets

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C Costigan
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Internet entrepreneur and billionaire Calvin Ayre took a moment to sit down and offer his predictions for the online gambling and crypto space as we are about to enter 2021 and depart from what few would argue against was the worst year ever.  Well, maybe not for Bitcoin.  That digital currency was sitting just below its all time high at $19250 as this was going to press.

Ayre's digital currency of choice is Bitcoin SV, which Gambling911.com anticipates more and more online casinos and sportsbooks will adapt through 2021 in an effort to offer a wider variety of crypto options.

On gaming, Ayre says: "Online gaming in particular, which is what I'm most familiar with - is a fairly mature sector, so mostly, things don't change very quickly there. However, I have my own prejudice in that area because I work with a technology that's going to fundamentally change the gaming space. The information about this technology has been out there for a while and it's already starting to be made available."

More specifically, that technology is what he deems to be the "original Bitcoin protocol", BSV (ticker symbol).  The proprietor of his namesake industry trade publication CalvinAyre.com continued.

"This technology has been out for a while, but because of the misinformation that's being pumped out by other blockchain platforms that have their own idea of what the Bitcoin protocol was originally designed to do - there is literally so much misinformation out there - a lot of smart people in the gaming space incorrectly believe that that this technology is all about non-scaling, zero-utility tokens being speculated up and down on casino-like exchanges. Now, this is kind of like gaming - I'll give them that - but a lot of people in the industry believe that this technology is primarily used as a vehicle for speculation and that's just not true. The other primary misconception is that the only use case of this technology is also an alternative payment method. But why would you use BTC when it's more expensive than the existing payment methods that they're already using?

"What's going to start seeping into everybody's consciousness in the gaming space next year is that this original Bitcoin protocol was actually designed to be the world's most powerful data management technology. And the reason it's that is because it scales unbounded: no other technology has been able to do that. Unbounded scaling enables features like nano-transactions, which means you can do frictionless data transactions at almost no cost. With Bitcoin, you can put all of this data into the timestamped and verifiable universal ledger of truth which allows people to access it from all over the world. That's going to fundamentally change how people run their gaming businesses, and as icing on the cake, you can also do free payments using this technology.

"But functioning as the world's only micropayments network is actually not what this is about. This is about using the data management capabilities of Bitcoin SV to fundamentally re-engineer and re-imagine entire businesses. That's what's going to start truly sinking in in 2021. And that, to me, I think is going to be the biggest thing that's going to happen in 2021."

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