Bucs' Super Bowl Odds Shift; Brady/Watson MVP

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C Costigan
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Tom Brady is back. And the Bucs went from a middle-of-the-pack bunch to Super Bowl co-favorites just like that.

Needless to say, Brady's announcement Sunday caused a massive ripple effect in the NFL betting markets.

Last week, we had the Buccaneers listed at +3300 to win Super Bowl LVI. Today, Tampa Bay is a co-favorite with Buffalo with +750 odds.

What a difference TB12 makes.

"We never expected Brady to un-retire so we had to pull all of our futures markets off the board immediately and adjust," Adam Burns, head trader at BetOnline.ag, said. "There are only a handful of guys in the NFL who can make a team go from semi-longshot to Super Bowl favorite, and Tom Brady is obviously one of them. We're already taking a ton of bets on the Bucs for 2022."

The Buccaneers vaulted past a dozen teams on their way to the top of the Super Bowl odds board.

Brady obviously wasn't on the initial offseason MVP list, but now he's second with +900 odds, just behind Josh Allen.

Another fresh name on the list is Deshaun Watson, who comes in tied for the third-best odds.

"Even if he is cleared of all charges, you never know how the league is going to handle a situation like Watson's because he could still be suspended at some level," Burns added. "That being said, Watson is Top 5, franchise quarterback, and we know there are a ton of teams interested in trading for him. Because of that, we have to protect our exposure with lower odds than maybe he really deserves."


Super Bowl


Buffalo Bills                             +750

Tampa Bay Buccaneers           +750

Green Bay Packers                  +800

Kansas City Chiefs                   +900

Los Angeles Rams                   +1200

San Francisco 49ers                +1200

Denver Broncos                      +1400

Dallas Cowboys                       +2000

Los Angeles Chargers              +2000

Baltimore Ravens                    +2200

Cincinnati Bengals                  +2200

Arizona Cardinals                    +2800

Tennessee Titans                    +2800

Indianapolis Colts                   +3300

New England Patriots             +3300

Cleveland Browns                   +3500

Minnesota Vikings                  +4000

Philadelphia Eagles                 +4000

Pittsburgh Steelers                 +4000

Las Vegas Raiders                   +4500

Carolina Panthers                   +5000

Miami Dolphins                      +5000

New Orleans Saints                 +5000

Washington Commanders      +6000

Atlanta Falcons                       +6600

Seattle Seahawks                    +6600

Chicago Bears                         +10000

Jacksonville Jaguars                +10000

New York Giants                     +10000

New York Jets                         +12500

Detroit Lions                           +15000

Houston Texans                      +15000



Josh Allen                    +750

Tom Brady                  +900

Deshaun Watson        +1000

Joe Burrow                  +1000

Patrick Mahomes        +1000

Aaron Rodgers            +1200

Russell Wilson             +1200

Justin Herbert             +1400

Kyler Murray               +1800

Matthew Stafford       +1800

Dak Prescott               +2000

Lamar Jackson            +2000

Derek Carr                   +3300

Derrick Henry              +3300

Jonathan Taylor          +3300

Mac Jones                   +3300

Trey Lance                   +3300

Cooper Kupp               +5000

Deebo Samuel            +5000

Kirk Cousins                +5000

Baker Mayfield            +6600

Jalen Hurts                  +6600

Justin Fields                +6600

Trevor Lawrence         +8000

Alvin Kamara               +10000

Austin Ekeler               +10000

Carson Wentz             +10000

Christian McCaffrey    +10000

Dalvin Cook                 +10000

Davante Adams          +10000

Ja'Marr Chase             +10000

Jameis Winston           +10000

Jimmy Garoppolo       +10000

Matt Ryan                   +10000

Nick Chubb                  +10000

Ryan Tannehill            +10000

T.J. Watt                      +15000

Myles Garrett              +20000

Tua Tagovailoa            +20000



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