Bucs, Niners Favored for Wilson, Rodgers Next Teams: Latest Odds

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C Costigan
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San Francisco would become one of the Super Bowl LVII favorites, if not the overall favorite, should Aaron Rodgers return to his home state of California to play for the 49ers.

That's a distinct possibility, according to SportsBetting.ag, which released updated next team odds for Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson on Wednesday.

The Niners top Rodgers' list with +300, or 3/1, odds. Denver is second followed by the Bucs, Steelers and Colts.

"If Rodgers wound up in San Francisco, we might move the 49ers to the top position for next season's Super Bowl futures," SportsBetting.ag head trader Robert Cooper said. "The defense is there and Shanahan's offense is taking form, so adding Rodgers would be massive. They might end up between the Chiefs and Bills in the championship odds (Chiefs currently favored at +700, Bills +750), but they'd definitely be in the top two with Rodgers on the roster."

Russell Wilson is another star quarterback who could be swapping jerseys this offseason. The favorites for his services...how about filling the shoes of Tom Brady in Tampa?

The Bucs are at the top of Wilson's list, followed by Saints, Steelers, Dolphins and Raiders.

Rodgers team in Week 1 if not Packers

49ers +300

Broncos +350

Bucs +400

Steelers +500

Colts +750

Saints +1000

Raiders +1200

Dolphins +1200

Browns +1600

Titans +1600

Eagles +2000

Seahawks +2500

Ravens +3300

Bears +3300

Vikings +3300

Patriots +5000


Wilson team in Week 1 if not Seahawks

Bucs +350

Saints +400

Steelers +400

Dolphins +500

Raiders +800

Panthers +1000

Bears +1000

Broncos +1200

Browns +1400

Colts +1400

Patriots +2000

Commanders +2000

Titans +2500

Packers +3300

49ers +3300

Jets +3300

Eagles +4000

Falcons +4000

Ravens +4000

Texans +5000

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