No We Didn't Take the Braves-Reds Over.....But We Should Have

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Mary Montgomery
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On Tuesday, we noted how the books were boosting the total on the Braves-Reds game from 8.5 to 9.5.  This is a surefire way to get folks betting the UNDER.


The key trend here was that the last four played in Cincinnati have done gone OVER with another game landing on the 9.

While this at first appeared an ideal pick, we exercised some degree of caution.

Here's why:

The Reds do have the third best relievers in Major League Baseball, and this is evident in the fact that nine of the last ten games featuring Cincinnati have gone UNDER the total.

It's interesting to note that Sonny Gray of the Reds is a good starter hungry for his first win.  He could make it deep into the 7th.  But then there is that solid Reds bullpen.

Ultimately this one ended up with 13 runs scored, well over the posted total of 9.5.  Most of the scoring (7 runs) took place in the 6th inning with both clubs contributing to that number.

We wound up giving the Reds a 55% chance of winning without officially declaring Cincinnati a pick.

2019 MLB Record: 6-3-1 (66.6%)

2018-19 College Basketball Record: 12-9 (57.1%)

2018-19 NBA Record: 7-4 (63.4%)

2018 MLB Record: 45-35 (56.2%)

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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