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One way to find uncompromised reviews of a particular site such as Bovada is to search the likes of Reddit or even various posting forums including SportsBookReview.

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While SportsBookReview does accept payment for advertisements (and presumably Bovada since they have banners there), the forums tend to be akin to the Wild Wild West where members are free to post their experiences, good or bad, with little in the way of any censorship.

Reddit provides a platform that is free of any ad partnership arrangements.  As such, one is more inclined to get a truer feel for how a company operates.  That's not to say you won't find some members posting their own affiliate links here to drive business to Bovada.

For the most part, Bovada is a very good online sportsbook that caters most heavily to a recreational player base.  This is reflected in the lines, which tend to be the least competive and often post long after other oddsmakers have released their own numbers.

Depositing and Withdrawing With Bovada a Highly Discussed Topic

Like with a lot of offshore sportsbooks, much of the critiques surrounding Bovada involve the ability to fund one's account.

One member writes:

My debit card won’t allow me to deposit. Looking like Bitcoin is the only way. Except i know absolutely nothing about bitcoin.

Bitcoin is indeed easy to use once you get the hang of it and payments are typically made within hours at books the likes of Bookmaker whereas Bovada tends to average around three days from what we can tell reviewing various forum posts across the Net. Some, like JazzSports are now even offering anonymous Bitcoin accounts where you need only provide an email.

Check out our interview with Jazz Sports above with discussion of opening anonymous Bitcoin accounts with only an email

Reditters noted:

One good thing about Bitcoin is that you don't NEED to buy it from an exchange. You can swap with other people privately. Or hold some for yourself in your own wallet(s).

if you download cashapp you can buy bitcoin instantly on there, and after you get verified for withdrawal which takes like a day, you can send it strait to ur bovada account

It is very common to read about debit card declines at Bovada.  Once again, this is common across the offshore wagering landscape.

The same holds true for gift cards.

You'll need a card that is cleared for international transactions. And even then, you'll have maybe a 45% chance of it working.

Loyalty Points System Gets Top Billing on Reddit

One of the more popular features of Bovada is the tier points system and Red Room.  It’s mysterious, chic, and offers its members highly respected perks and bonuses.  Red Room access tends to make up for the less competitive initial bonus offerings when compared to other books.


A common question asked among Redditors is whether Bovada is legal in their state.

When asked about Bovada being legal in Texas, one redittor gave what many believe to be the proper response:

It is "gray market." That is to say, there are no laws that would prevent you from playing on Bovada in Texas and conversely, there are no laws regulating online poker in that state.

In the absense of a law forbiding something, it is de facto legal :)

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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